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The Best Stage Strobe Lights Effects You Can Find On Market in 2021

It is difficult to imagine a modern music festival without strobe lights. They are an integral part of the atmosphere and they help to create one of the most exciting moments for all attendees. But strobe lights effects are not just for concerts, their powerful effects can also be used at other events such as weddings, birthdays, parties, etc.

The strobes have many benefits but it’s important to find the right strobe lights if you want them to work properly. So let’s take a look at some of the best strobe lights effects that are available in 2021!

How to choose the right stage strobe lights effects

A good rule of thumb is to first determine what atmosphere you’re looking for, then choose the strobe lights effect that corresponds with that look. For example, let’s say you wanted a disco-type atmosphere, but without too much movement or complexity. You would want small strobe lights that are purple in hue and have just enough brightness to blind your opponents within about 20 meters (22 yards). If you were looking for something more intense like an EDM concert, lights with more colors and options like twinkling effects would be better suited.

Top 5 Best Stage Strobe Lights Effects For Your Next Event

AVE Vortex1500DMX Xenon Strobe Light with DMX 1500W

The AVE Vortex1500DMX Xenon Strobe Light with DMX 1500W is an extremely bright light with a variety of custom innovative features designed to make your night functions or lightshow any event spectacular! The first thing you’ll notice about the AVE Vortex1500DMX Xenon Strobe Light is its elegant white metal housing. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use, this versatile strobe lights effect has three brackets that allow it to be mounted virtually anywhere. It also comes with one built-in CMY color wheel and two red filters for designing mind-blowing color combinations! Add the included 5m long power cable to power up your strobes from a distance.

Chauvet DJ Shocker 180 LED Strobe with USB D-Fi

The DJ Shocker 180 LED strobe is a compact and lightweight combination of a moving head and strobe light with a color temperature of 5000K. It comes equipped with 3 different colors, each with 12 channels that can be used for scrolling or spot colors from the remote. All of the power cables are fitted onto one end to make it easier to transport. The lights have been designed with an impressive lifespan of up to 20,000 hours! Features include independent control over rotation speed and direction.

Beamz SHOWBAR FREE 2x Par 2x Derby and Strobe

The LITE Edition features a spotlight with 3 great lasers and strobe effects. A versatile party, club, and event tool that fits in your pocket. Includes three free beams: two reds and one green plus 10 adjustable colors and brightness levels, and LED dance lights for increased versatility. Features include instant power on/off, AC adapter compatible charging system (USB cable included), or use 4 AA batteries (not included). Operates via touch screen panel controls with flash memory to remember the last color used so you can maintain the perfect light set up at your next event!

Chauvet DJ GigBar Move DJ Complete Light Set

The Chauvet GigBar Deluxe Package comes complete with all devices guaranteeing that your session is perfect. With 210 watts of stunning illumination power, innovative strobe lights effects, and wash fixtures to meet any style or setting demand, Chauvet’s unbeatable lighting selection guarantees that no matter what you’re DJ’ing for, the gig will go down in style! And this kit ensures safety because each device will have an independent variable intensity control knob so you can do cool effects while managing light levels accurately.

Beamz BS98 Strobo 98 LED Strobe Light with IR Remote

The Beamz BS98 Strobo 98 LED Strobe Light with IR Remote is a versatile and powerful strobe light that creates strobing or blinking lights and patterns by means of flashing and moving the light on your wall, ceiling, floor, bandstand, stage, tent-top decking. The Beamz strobes can be controlled remotely to meet any size requirement. There are 2 types of flashes you can get out of these strobes – 1 second Constant (i.e.: like a disco) or 15s – 1 min Pulse (i.e.: like lightning).

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