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Top Instrumentation For Lifting And Making Use Of The Right Equipment

Lifting heavy loads are integral parts of most of the industries and occupations. They can be done both manually, as well as by using any equipment. However, the usage of lifting equipment is always recommended while lifting heavy loads. There are numerous risks associated with manual load lifting. Manual lifting is hazardous in nature and sometimes, it can be life threatening, as well. On the other hand, load lifting by using machines are lot safer, saves time, effort, and eliminates the risk of the load being damaged.

Different types of equipment for load lifting

Advancement of technology has contributed to the development of end number of load lifting equipment. All this equipment is meant for lifting and carrying heavy loads in safer and effective manner. The broader categories of these types of lifting machines are:

  • Forklifts – These types of machines are also known as fork trucks. These machines are used for lifting and moving loads in short distances. There are a couple of metal protrusions attached in the front part of these machines. By using this part, this machine can lift all types of heavy, as well as tall items easily sometimes it is used for lifting cars, as well. It runs on propane, gasoline, or diesel. Driving these machines does not require the driver to be well versed with technology. These mostly find their usages in the huge warehouses. Forklifts are available in the market in huge variations, such as the ones on this website. These machines can lift loads up to fifty tones.
  • Winch – This is mainly used for lifting heavy loads like towing vehicles. When a truck is stuck in mud or muck, it is used to lift it. The pressure of the wire cables is adjusted by using winch during towing a vehicle. Some major types of winches are, glider winch, snubbing winch, air winch, wakes take winch, etc. On heavy trucks, winch is attached on the wall of the vehicle while it’s in the stationary position and the end hook of the machine is attached to it. With the help of a winding machine, it is easy to lift vehicle.
  • Hoist – This helps in lifting heavy sized items. The items are lifted in upward direction by the hoist with the help of a rope or a chain. Humans, as well as automatically with the help of electricity, this machine can be operated. Most commonly used hoists in the market are hydraulic hoist, construction hoist, water powered mine hoist, etc.
  • Crane – These are used for moving heavy items both horizontally, as well as vertically. Cranes have versatile usages and can be customized, as per the requirement. Cranes are available in the market in different sizes. Cranes move in all directions. It lifts loads with the help of its projecting beam attached with ropes, chains, sheaves, hoist ropes, etc. Some popular variants of cranes are floating cranes, jib cranes, mini cranes, tower cranes, etc.
  • Vacuum lifting machine – This is the best option to lift all types of odd shaped heavy loads. Items like barrels, wooden boards, glass panes, shapeless glass sheets, huge metal plates, etc. can be easily lifted with this lifting equipment, sometimes, even cargo containers.
  • Duct lifter A duct lift is a lifting device used to raise duct systems to the desired level for installation. Heavy lifting and carrying and stooped postures can cause low back disorders, such as muscle strain or a disc herniation (“slipped disc”), which is bulging of disc material possibly pressing on the spinal cord or nerves that go into the leg. The duct lift can help reduce lifting and carrying and stooped postures by decreasing the need for workers to manually lift materials in stooped postures or overhead.

Make use of right lifting machine

It is essential to lift heavy loads in different industries by using lifting machine. This ensures safety at workplace and at the same time, it eliminates the possibility of huge losses due to damages. Another thing, which is essential from the load lifting perspective, is that using the right kind of lifting equipment for right kind of loads. Some benefits of using the right lifting machine to lift loads are:

  • This increases the efficiency of lifting operations
  • No risks involved as compared to the manual effort
  • It provides cost efficiency
  • It enables people to complete the lifting task in hassle free manner

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