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How safe is your wi-fi baby monitor from hacking?

As we know, the development of technology has brought a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Using technology allows us that we can be closer to our relatives, communicate with them, or see them. One of them is wi-fi baby monitors for little kids.

There are several reasons to buy a wi-fi baby monitor, but the primary concern of parents is if their kid is secure and you can make it easy by dual camera baby monitor. There has been a lot of news that cameras from babies’ rooms hacked, and the footage has also been broadcast for the public, but there are several ways by which you can stay away from this hacking.

It is essential to know that Wi-fi baby monitors are not limited by the typical signal range of traditional audio or video baby monitors. It means that you can peek in on your baby from the convenience of your smartphone no matter where you are.

How Are w-fi Baby Monitors Hacked?

The first reason why hackers used to hack without any difficulties Because some models didn’t ask you to set up a password after you install them. It means they either haven’t a password protection system or any default password.

However, a default password is known by everyone, and a hacker can easily access the live feed.

How to Protect Your Wi-fi Baby monitor from Hackers

Although there is so much noise around regarding hacked monitors, because these hacking events are not common.

Hackers are take advantage of a weak network connection and access the live feed to have fun. They do not know that what they cause to the kid or the family.

It is true that breaches of security used to happen many specific device models, but now the companies are trying to maintain their reputation. Anyhow, most of the wireless cameras are secured; these cameras are hard to access by third parties.

New models are available with a lot of new features along with security and a better design.

However, it is an appealing perk for many parents; if your baby monitor is not secure, then it potentially leaves the camera open to hackers, although it is pretty rare, just because it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take steps to keep your baby monitor safe.

If you already own a wi-fi baby monitor, then make sure to follow our expert tips to protect your camera from being hacked.

How can you save your baby monitor from hackers?

If it is secured poorly, an internet-enabled device could be vulnerable to being hacked. It was potentially giving a stranger access to see inside your home. However, paying more for your wi-fi baby monitor doesn’t automatically mean that it is not prone to hacking. Some privacy tips can help to keep your devices secure:

  • The first and essential advice that everyone gives you if you want a hacker-free method is to select the model carefully while purchasing.
  • It is essential to set up your camera with a strong password that you have not used elsewhere. Keep in mind that don’t use default passwords as they may know to hackers
  • You also must have to take a look at the default settings and dig around to check that you have activated all the security features available. However, two-factor authentication is a useful feature to look out for.
  • You also have to check heck for any security software updates for the camera and app make sure to install them. In some cases, you can also enable automatic updates
  • Make sure that your internet router or modem is secure.
  • Moreover, turn off remote access to your baby monitor if there is no need for it. If you are using your smartphone app as a baby monitor, then it is crucial to check the security settings and set a password.
  • Another way to secure your device is by creating a hard-to-guess password. T is suggested that always change the default password and set a stronger one with numbers, signs, and symbols.
  • Read the reviews properly and look at which model offers the best password-protected system.

These points will allow you to stay free from hackers. You can easily keep an eye on your child without any worry at any time.

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