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Why LED Digital Dance Floor Becomes so Popular

Let’s start with this. If you were the groom, imagine the scene that you wrap your arms around the waist of your beautiful sweetheart, and just keep dancing round and round on the magic LED dance floor like floating in the air with nobody around. You know you like it. So just go for it!

What’s LED Digital Dance Floor for?

LED dance floor refers to a new generation compared with the old-school disco era lighting. As entertainment fashion goes forward, so does the old lighting technology for the lighted floor. It is the technical advancement that makes LED digital floor become so popular than ever. Nowadays, LED stage lighting comes to a different variety of occasions all-pervadingly including magic weddings, exciting night-clubs, thrilling concerts, crowded shopping malls, etc. According to the rising demand of the global market, professional LED dance floor manufacturers spare no efforts to keep up with the pace of the technical science and entertaining fashion. Pro Sunfromlight stands out among hundreds of innovative suppliers for its continuous contribution to both modern technology and international entertainment.

5 Technical Advantages to Fulfill Multi-Demand Performance

1. Let’s start with the easiest part! As a matter of fact, its technical installation is easy and fast to realize. Among Suncoming series digital LED dance floor, there are no more complex electric wires twining together. Simply, it feels like that it just needs a “click” without any dumb tool or difficult-to-read guidebook. For more information, SF-LD64DS is equipped with DMX512 wireless transceiver, RGB wireless music controller, SPI LED controller and LED DMX512 programmable controllers.

2. Secondly, the surface is durable on account of the high-quality extremely hard materials. As it shows, the integral aluminum structure is featured with high load-bearing function as the primary advantage for large amounts of guests dancing. In terms of Sunfromlight limit, each square meter is able to accommodate up to the total weight of 1, 500kg. Isn’t it amazing? So it can suit many various occasions from personal using to party gathering.

3. Thirdly, practical maintenance does not necessarily involve many mazy steps to waste your day. Actually, each panel is linking from one another separately. So, when some panels go out of order, you only need to disassemble the broke one rather than waste lots of time to check the whole heavy chain. There is no need for preparing a whole set of tools for an emergency. Don’t deny it. Because I truly understand you want to throw the tools away before you start to think about adding it to your list.

4. Fourthly, high image contrast comes in designing under the advanced three-in-one SMD technology for fulfilling vivid and bright performance. For multiple-topic event needs, the lighting panel emits a combination of changing colors and effects as the party progresses. Also, the controller system belongs to an independent operation apart. So dancers can just enjoy the dancing without any disturbance.

5. Fifthly, the digital dance floor also requires an amazing matte effect. Magically romantic, Sunfromlight digital dance floor absolutely shakes with uniform shades and high consistency in an elegant way. In fact, too much dazzling lighting may hurt. And a proper amount of matte shades would be an alternative perfect choice.


Why Choose Sunfromlight?

At present, Sunfromlight digital LED dance floor panel covers Suncoming series of pixel spacing of 6.25mm and 8.9mm. As for individuals, it is light, flexible and easy to install and maintain. About its packaging, the size is 500x500mm with a total weight of only 11.5KG. Furthermore, custom service is available according to individuals’ practical needs. For instance, the interactive function may be added to the designing to make it more interesting and creative.

For more details about the system, the tempered glass surface is equipped with a pressure sensor or an infrared sensor to track any instant motion. When an individual moving around, it can sense the moving immediately and provide specific feedback to the major controller, which would turn the corresponding data into RGB mixed effects, such as water rippling and colorful blossom. Owing to the high load-bearing capacity, beyond 1, 500 kg per square meter, auto-mobile does no harm to drive on its durable and waterproof surface.

What’s more, the excellent surface features with leading-edge frosted technology, which adapts to be anti-skidding and anti-glare. With all these competitive advantages, Sunfromlight offers reasonable pricing on account of its abundant experience in professional researching and development of wholesale LED dance floor for over ten years. In fact, Sunfromlight always gives top priority to product quality, while providing global customers with the most price-competitive products. If you want to learn more, please visit https://www.sunfromlight.com

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