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Are Smartphones Killing the Video Game Industry?

Since the introduction of iPhones in 2007 as a device meant for the everyday user rather than just a business companion, Smartphones have taken the world by storm in the last decade. Packing the punch of multiple devices into one handy and portable device, Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s daily lives. And with the evolution of Smartphones, gaming has also come a long way from the classic Snake pre-installed in Nokia phones to the universally popular Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Pokemon Go.

Brings Gaming to the Masses

Smartphones have influenced the gaming industry in a major way. Because of the portability and the easy availability of Smartphones nowadays, it has become easier for people to have access to a bunch of games of various genres. Whether you are five or fifty and wherever your interests may lie, there will be a game or two for you–all thanks to the popularity of Smartphones.

How are Smartphones Increasing Gamers

Today, with Smartphones in the market having better screen resolution, processors, RAMs, and improved battery lives, they are a better option compared to consoles for the casual gamer. Smartphones are making gamers out of more people everyday–some of them are just there to play a couple of levels of their favourite games each day, while others are continuing the mobile version of the games they started playing on their consoles.

Smartphones vs. Gaming Consoles

Though most hardcore gamers will swear on consoles for an ultimate gaming experience, not every person will have the money to spend on gaming consoles. Also, if you are an amateur, and like to play games only as a form of killing time, it makes no sense to spend on an expensive console. In that aspect, Smartphones have made numerous games accessible to more people than ever before. Whether you are standing in a queue at the bank, or waiting at the doctor’s, you can easily whip out your Smartphone to play a couple of levels of Candy Crush, or a few cash rummy card games online on RummyCulture.

Cash Games More Popular on Smartphones

After accessibility, another advantage of Smartphone gaming is that it allows people to earn money while playing a game. A lot of casual gamers have turned this hobby of gaming into an earning opportunity. Not only are people having fun playing, they are also earning an income. This income may be dependant on the amount the player puts into the game, but this incentive method attracts more casual gamers than console games. Games like RummyCulture allow people to win cash by playing and winning as many online rummy games as possible.

To Conclude, Smartphone Gaming is Here to Stay

Thus, though Smartphones may not completely wipe out video gaming consoles, they sure are making a huge dent in the way the gaming industry functions and will only continue to grow exponentially over the coming years.

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