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6 Incredible Innovations in Smart Lighting Tech

Once upon a time in the not-so-long-ago, “smart lighting” was limited to the clapper—a clever invention, to be sure, but past its prime all the same. Today, smart lighting is genuinely intelligent. Lighting tech has seen advancements that put the clapper to shame. It’s about much more than saving on your power bill, although switching to smart lights can cut down your bill significantly. You can improve your life, as well, with the help of mood lighting, the convenience of controlling your lights with your phone, and the ability to put on a light show in your living room.

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The Sound and the Fury

The marriage of light and sound has always been exciting. From laser light shows to Christmas lights that blink and flash in rhythm with catchy carols, it’s impossible to get away from the world’s fascination with lights and music. Advances in smart lighting technology now make it possible to stream music straight to your smart bulbs. Imagine the tailor-made playlists you can create. Mood lighting rises to a higher level. An innovation like this can change the way you entertain and party, as well. Setting a festive atmosphere has never been easier, and more often than not, you can control everything from your smart device.

While numerous big-name lighting manufacturers are experimenting with light and sound, you may be able to find even more impressive products when you focus on tech brands. For example, the Sengled Pulse LED light bulb offers everything. In addition to customizing the level of brightness thrown off by the light, you can also use it to set alarms. Going a step further, set up your music to stream directly through the speaker built into the bulb. The ability to connect as many as eight light bulbs makes it possible to connect every room in the house. When choosing LED light bulb speakers, check that they’re compatible with your phone or tablet first.

An Easy Transition

Outfitting your home with smart bulbs isn’t always the most cost-efficient option, at least initially. Replacing traditional incandescent and filament bulbs with their smart counterparts requires special sockets and other equipment. In a bid to alleviate the hassle and to give more people the chance to make their homes eco-friendly, manufacturers have come up with plug sockets that can turn a regular light into smart lights. That can help offset the cost of making the switch over to smart technology. It also gives you the chance to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Saving money, albeit over time, is generally the right choice for everyone. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you won’t save on your energy bill because you didn’t switch completely. Using sockets that turn traditional lamps into smart lamps provides you with the same amount of savings over the long haul. Later on, you may decide to bite the bullet and change up your light sockets and fittings. By that point, you’ll have proof that it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s also an ideal solution for folks who have lamps and other lights they don’t necessarily want to get rid of—now they can just turn their existing floor lamp into a smart light they can control.

Bear in mind that, according to current trends in smart lighting, once you install smart LED lighting in your home, you can upgrade it easily. Following the initial installation, you have everything you need to update the next time an innovation comes along. Not only is that beneficial to private homeowners interested in a smart house, but it’s also helpful for office buildings making the switch.

Lighting by Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs are the next big thing. They don’t need a hub, which cuts down on clutter and complications. Instead, lights with Wi-Fi capabilities connect to the router in your home. Why not? You have a smartphone, a smart TV, and all sorts of other intelligent devices that hook up to your router. It only makes sense that you upgrade the lights that do the same.

The market is full of Wi-Fi-enabled LEDs, so you can take your pick. The apps associated with most bulbs will work on Android, iOS, and a variety of other operating systems, but check to be sure. You can’t imagine the convenience of controlling your lights via your phone or tablet until you try it. An app further beats the clapper.

Lifx is an up-and-coming name in Wi-Fi LED lights. The brand is widely seen as a top competitor for Philips, which leads the way in modern smart lighting—or did, at least. While Lifx lights are a more expensive investment than Philips’ products, they burn brighter, last longer, and give off infrared light in the darkness, making them ideal for outdoor and porch fixtures situated near security cameras.

A World of Color

Not so long ago, you needed to buy colored light bulbs to create a multi-color mood. Color-changing smart bulbs give you full control over the color spectrum. Now, smart bulbs create convenient mood lighting in any room. It’s even possible to find bulbs that give off both white light and the full spectrum of color. Set the tone with soft blue hues, a warm pink blush of light, or an unexpected choice, such as orange or turquoise. It’s unnecessary to pay for the privilege of a light that gives off both white and color. Smart bulbs in this style are available at every price point, and you can outfit your fixtures with color-changing lights for less than $35.

Try to find single bulbs or light kits that don’t have a hub. That’s one less piece of technology cluttering up your home, plus hubs are unnecessary. Wi-Fi capable lights are easily controlled via the app connected to the brand. Even better, you can use smart assistants, such as Alexa and Google, to control the lights, as well. One thing to keep in mind is that color-smart lighting allows you to eliminate blue light when you want to relax. Install the lights in your bedroom, and you can ensure a deeper rest every night.

Smart Lights and Security Systems

Image via Rishabh Varshney/Unsplash

Smartphone-compatible security cameras and systems are nothing new. They’ve been around for a while, and each year sees significant advances. Smart security systems are more affordable than full professional installations, plus you get to pick and choose the safety options that you genuinely need. That may involve putting up cameras near the main entrances of your home, the driveway, and the garage, or you may want a doorbell camera that lets you see who’s at the door before you decide to answer it. The options are endless, and more security options appear on the market every day. Now, tech companies want to shine a light on the security situation, so to speak.

As briefly mentioned, there are smart lights that emit infrared rays at night. Using these bulbs in conjunction with night-vision security cameras illuminates the scene to a brighter degree, helping images to stand out in sharper focus. Some companies are also experimenting with a new breed of motion detector lights that trigger each other, in addition to alerting your cameras and sending alerts to your phone or tablet. You can essentially watch over your property no matter where you happen to be at the time. That level of peace of mind is priceless.

LED Lights as Art

Image via Alex Holyoake/Unsplash

Recognizing that LED bulbs are an expense for some folks, lighting brands have released a plethora of smart LED light strips that you can use as ambient lighting, spotlighting, or even art. Strip lights eliminate the need to replace your bulbs. You have to do that far less often with LEDs, but it’s still a pain. Many strips can go anywhere. You can stick them below or above the cabinets, along the ceiling, or somewhere on the floor, depending on what you want to illuminate. You can even buy feature lights that easily stick to the walls, creating the appearance of modern abstract art.

The initial investment of switching to smart lights pays for itself in no time. You can upgrade whenever you like, or you can dip your toe in the water through the use of transitional sockets. Once you light your room in a soft blue glow or hear your favorite tunes pouring out of a bulb, you’ll be a convert.

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