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Rapid Growth of The Online Gaming Industry in India

Life in the digital fast-moving digital age can be a lot of fun. One of the best things you can do to enjoy yourself in the digital age is playing online gaming. Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular around the world, especially in India. Online games are becoming far more advanced than anything people thought possible. Even the online gambling games have become so popular that one can compare Indian online casinos to their offline counterparts. That’s how big online gaming has become!

But how did such a gaming revolution come to be, which lead an exponential growth of the online gaming industry in India? An industry that is about to become a billion dollar enterprise! This is the question this article strives to answer.

India and Gaming

People of India have always loved playing games. Some of the oldest games in the history of the human race we created in India. This love for games can be seen every time there is a cricket tournament and it’s like the whole nation celebrates the victory or joins in on the sorry of the defeat. People of all states, religions, gender, and casts unite when it comes to games and that is truly amazing.

While outdoor games are certainly important, Indians love indoor games just as much. Nearly everyone has played Ludo, snake & ladders and chess while growing and knows how awesome playing indoor can be. It was this love for indoor games that proved a very important factor in the rise of computer gaming.

Hello Computer Gaming

When the computers were first introduced in India, there were either too expensive or too inconvenient for anyone to play games upon but as they started to come lighter and more affordable, they started to attract the attention of a large number of people throughout the country.

Games like “Dave” and “Minesweeper” were among the first to be played by Indians on a computer and they absolutely loved doing it. These games became extremely popular and showed Indians how awesome computer gaming can be. But this was just the start of much better and bigger things that would soon follow.

The Internet Arrives

Upon its introduction in India, the internet was extremely limited and slow. It was something exclusive for exchanging email and viewing important information—not for playing games.

But time went on and the internet became much more accessible and it’s speed drastically increased which led to the starting of online gaming with games like “Counter-Strike”.

Online Multiplayer Gaming finally become a thing with the arrival of broadband connections—which replaced the dial-up connections—in India and people who had access to it absolutely loved it. Being able to play with other people who were possibly thousands of kilometres away was something that would have seemed impossible earlier but now it had become a reality.

This wasn’t just the case in India but all around the world as online gaming started to see as the best big thing and hundreds of websites dedicated to it started to pop up on the internet. By 2010, the online industry was already a huge industry in countries like the United States of America but in India, it was still a niche market in spite of its fast growth.

Smartphones and the power of convenience

Smartphones revolutionized the tech industry in a lot of ways and one of them was putting the ability to play online games literally in the hands of people. Smartphones made playing online games infinitely more accessible and convenient than computer or laptops ever could have and this increased the growth rate of the online gaming industry in India exponentially.

But it still wasn’t the massive enterprise in India that it was in countries like the United States of America or Canada. Internet, while quite fast, did still cost a significant amount and Indians couldn’t use it as freely as they would have liked which proved to be quite a hurdle for the online gaming industry.

Why 2016 proved to be a very important year for online gaming in India

Luckily a certain company single-handedly managed to revolutionize the internet scene of India in 2016 which resulted in a drastic increase in the amount of in the number of internet users in Indian and also in how much they used the internet.

This revolution is what finally gave the online gaming industry the wings it always needed to become a massive fully functioning enterprise in India with games like Pokémon Go, PUBG, etc. proving to be massively successful.

The rapid growth of the Indian Online Gaming has been a direct result of the above-mentioned reasons and if you look at the stats you will realize just how big this industry has actually become and also see just how much more big will get in just a few more years.

This truly is the best time to be an online gamer in India.

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