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Considerations to Choose a Reliable Security Camera

The advent of technology has completely revolutionized the way of protecting our luxurious spaces. However, the marketplace is loaded with innumerable electronic security devices. Selecting the most reliable one can be a daunting task. As per the stats, in 2014 approximately 245 million surveillance devices were installed globally, especially Business CCTV Cameras. This security device features capabilities for protecting assets, families, residential and commercial buildings. The device is often used to offer comprehensive security by incorporating security alarms for intrusions and video coverage.

Over the years, surveillance cameras have undergone various evolutions. And, these are considered to direct the surveillance industry towards the more innovative transmission methods and architectural alternatives to the earlier hard-wired, closed circuit systems. Lenses, power, lighting system and data distribution unit are the key components contained by a security cameras. The continuous refinement of these components has also improved the performance of these units in different aspects. Such as:

  • Data storage
  • Wireless communications
  • Component miniaturization
  • Automated image analysis

The advanced features, pioneering components and configuration options available in today’s Outdoor Security Camera Australia make many people leverage this functional unit. But, do you have secured either your business or commercial unit with a smart surveillance device? If not, then there are numerous considerations that you need to make while selecting a particular surveillance camera for your space.

Let’s have a thorough glance at the considerations to make while choosing a security camera:

1. Wired or Wireless

A wired surveillance camera is connected to DVR using coaxial cable wire. This camera requires professional installation but can’t be easily hacked and also free from signal interference. On contrary to this, wireless cameras do not include wires and can be installed by the property owners. However, they sometimes experiences signal interruption!

2. Which one is an ideal option to invest in?

Wireless security cameras are competitive both in terms of scalability and portability. In addition, they do not contain cables or wires thus, never spoil the aesthetic appeal of a home décor. For using wireless cameras, you need to look for a top-notch router and a dedicated internet connection.

3. Analog or IP

Surveillance cameras typically come into two types – one is analog and another is Internet Protocol. IP cameras are the modern iterations in security technology. The main splendor of the device is the high resolution, which offers high-quality videos and the ability to zoom distance of around 100 ft. in digital format. The resolution of IP cameras is generally 2 or 3 times greater as compared to analog security devices. IP cameras can be a little bit more expensive than the analog type. But, they boast certain features that an analog camera doesn’t possess.

4. Image Quality

Greater resolution means better quality! Today’s high-resolution security cameras can produce videos in 1080p / 1440p and 6 MP. Having a camera with high resolution is important to get sharp and clear videos and images of  criminals. However, these also require storage space in terabytes to record daily videos.

So, a wise decision is purchasing a high-resolution camera with larger internal storage. Such surveillance cameras feature the overwrite function, which automatically erases micro SD when it gets filled and then continues further recording. This characteristic could also lead to the recording loss issue. A 1-megapixel camera utilizes around 38GB space for recording an entire day video. Before sticking with a specific option, try to compare the resolution of the different surveillance cameras, including storage space, backup, and after that make the selection accordingly.

5. Equipped with motion and audio sensor

Motion sensing is a smart functionality that a security camera possesses. With audio and video sensors, surveillance cameras can detect and alert you about any suspicious movement or sound, through a notification on your smartphone. However, the price range of surveillance cameras featured with a motion sensor can be quite higher but their standard of security will best protect any space. Whether it is a commercial or residential building, installing a camera with audio and motion sensor is worth investing option, so check out for your pick of high tech security cameras.

6. Range of camera

An idea about the range of surveillance camera can be taken from the size of the image sensor and focal length of the lens. So, try to give a closer look at these two factors! A camera with a greater range can capture clearer images of an object from the far away distance. To ensure a higher range of your camera, you must invest in a camera having a minimum 20 m to 25 m of range.

7. Featured with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Wide Dynamic Range lets surveillance devices to see through an extensive range of light conditions using advanced software. Some of the spaces involve improper or dim light and shadows of other objects. In such lighting conditions, it becomes hard for the camera to record lucid footage. WDR technology equilibrium this particular difference hence, gives better recording. Considering a surveillance camera with WDR can better help you identify the face of the thief, in a variety of lighting condition.

8. Remote viewing

Accessing real-time videos remotely on a smartphone nowadays is a must for the comprehensive security of business or home.

This feature makes you respond to any unwanted happening at the right time. You can also stream the live videos or tap in to record or just check at any time.

9. Waterproof or not

It is also an important consideration to be taken into account. In case you need a camera to monitor the front view of your home or other outdoor space, then you must dedicatedly look for the waterproof option.

10. Style

Mounting options and shape together refer to the style of camera. The most common camera styles are PTZ, covert, dome and bullet box. You can pick any style according to your taste.

11. Night vision

For round-the-clock security, a security camera with Infrared night vision must be at the forefront of a buyer’s mind. A dedicated DVR/NVR camera can record videos 24/7 and even stores them continuously. They also enable the homeowners to review the footage of the past few weeks or days remotely through the laptop or mobile.

These are certain effective considerations while choosing a security camera. With extra planning and thought, you would be sure to pick a solution which will suit your requirements for years to come. In addition to this, set a budget range before you go to shop for a surveillance camera. This will also narrow down your search for this particular device.

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