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Memory lane for a decade of gaming – How far have we come

Gaming has come an awful long way in regards of development, new ideas and of course brand new games consoles coming on to the market.

With technology taking over the modern world to such an extent, it is easy to see why many millions of people find the hobby of gaming so appealing. Everyone is now familiar with the concept of spending most of their life online, so what not get entertainment out of it too?

Over the past decade there have been some astonishing changes in the way we game. Simple tasks like searching for VPN Veteran FR online have also changed. Let’s take a look at some of the major changes which have influenced how we game today.

E sports and big league competitions

Some of the lucky few have made gaming in to their bread an butter. Conquering a game and being good at it can certainly pay if you make it in to tournaments.

Multiple games are known to hold competitions at arenas and specialised events with visitors paying to watch the games too. This kind of audience can quite literally spend hours and hours watching the same game being played over and over, watching the tactics and methods behind those who have truly nailed the game in action.

When E sports first kicked off there were some big prizes to get hold of for winning the tournaments, now the numbers are even bigger with tens of millions in the playing field. If you’re looking for a career doing something that you enjoy, perhaps its time to crank up the hours of gameplay at home.

An army of games in your hand

Mobile phones are for so much more than just calling your friends. Starting out with some simple (but extraordinary at the time games like snake and a tennis game, the world of apps and games has completely been revolutionised to provide gamers with more games than you could possibly count!

Covering all genres and themes, gamers can now run farms, play pretend slots, train their brain and even build a theme park all from the touch of a few buttons on your phone.

The entertainment value is priceless for those moments when you just want to chill or have to wait half an hour for the next train. This has made gaming a convenience hobby as well as purely entertaining, giving us an exciting activity which can also help us learn in some respects too.

Getting physical

Twiddling your thumbs over the keys on your phone or jiggling a joystick on the Playstation are all well and good for playing some of the latest game releases, but technology has come so far that movement of our bodies can also enable us to play some addictive games.

Starting out with the Wii, using our bodies to play games has encouraged thousands of people to start being active again, when they usually spend hours sat in a gaming chair. Even swinging your arms to virtual tennis can help burn calories, so it was a no brainer with the Wii Fit that it became a sell out Christmas gadget.

Technology is still developing with some systems now starting to recognise movement without the use of some form of controller. Raising a hand to the screen can be picked up, meaning losing a remote may not be as much of a problem any more.

With all these big steps in gaming, the path is in place to create a whole new enterprise, building on impressive innovations. Who knows where it’ll lead?

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