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How to make your Facebook chatbot charming [Infographic]

So you’ve realized your business needs a Facebook chatbot. It makes sense. There are well over a billion Messenger users these days, and they’re reached by over 300,000 chatbots. They not only save businesses a whole lot of money by automating responses to questions that companies know they’re going to receive, but they make money by offering personalized deals on a massive scale. And chatbots work around the clock, only abusing their boss if they’re instructed to!

Yes, you’ve figured your business needs that bot – but how can you make sure it’s a winner? After all, no customer service is (just about) better than bad customer service. Nobody likes to be kept waiting for replies, but everyone hates to be treated like a number or a nuisance. Teaching your bot to be charming requires a careful balance whereby you make it seem human enough that you care about your customers, but no so human as to enter the uncanny valley.

Filler words are a good choice. Adding hesitations such as “umm” or “good question” to your bot’s speech will help to slow the conversation down to a more human rhythm. You can add to this feeling by programming your chatbot to leave slightly longer gaps before replying to a message – just in case the customer still has something else to add. This is good chatbot design.

Yes, your bot should be ‘chatty’. But remember your customers are in a hurry. They’re probably using their phone to hold the conversation. So use short, punchy sentences and don’t go overboard with the frilly language. Your customer may grow frustrated and wander off to Twitter.

Sounds like a good start? This new resource provides all you need to know about designing a charming, effective chatbot who answers questions and generates sales. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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