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Four ways Samsung A series is the best one to come out

The serious war that is constantly going on between the two giants and superpowers of the smart phone world is becoming more and more competitive with every passing day. Currently, besides a strong cult like following for two brands, there is not much that can differentiate the two same caliber phones. Both offer exclusive and generic functions as well as trademark designs to die for. However, one thing that keeps Samsung much more in the market and capture a relative market share is its strategy to fight out other flanker brands in the market through its different collections and series.


With every passing month, Samsung comes up with a new portfolio of phones having different ranges and smart phone collection offering something for every taste and consumer out there. They are trying to capture the whole of the market and not just compete with iPhones only, such is the macro level thinking that is going on at the Samsung headquarters. It is taking on the world war and getting the hands dirty by dumping into every fight. Samsung offers phones from as low as $200 to as high as $700. This means there is everything for every budget and consumer. The recently introduced Samsung Galaxy A series, has created a strong wave and given a new direction when the Galaxy core series is slowly fading away. Today’s blog will be talking about why the A series from Samsung is one of the best collections that Samsung can offer till date.

More variety in less money

In the A series that Samsung has introduced, there is much more variety in less money for people. Starting from A2 and A3 which are classified as the basic phones in the series to A 7 and soon to be launched other advanced versions are some of the more luxury based phones. In the midst of all the beautiful looking and performing, A5 offers the consumers exactly what they want. It is termed as the most ideal phone for this season with specs and designs both reaching to exactly what is required and nothing more or nothing less.

Better designs

In the A series, Samsung has decided to go for metallic bodies. They want to differentiate themselves and move away from cheap plastic bodies that can hamper brand equity, iPhone 5C is the most relevant example of this scenario. The designs of all A series phones are outclass and offer a lot of value compared to the price tags they have. A5 and A7 phones have the sleekest and beautiful metallic bodies as well as multiple colors to go for.

Better Performance

With A series, Samsung has more or less capitalized on its growing Android fan base. It has ensured that the software runs smoothly and occasional complaints that were a trend in Core series are now very seriously been rectified.

Better Camera

Samsung is the first phone to recognize the trend of selfies into its communications. It has positioned A series phones as the premium phones to take the best selfies ever. It also has introduced a face-tagging and selfie mode option into its phones for the consumers to enjoy.


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