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Create a Blog that Stands Out with These Tips

Quite often, people wanting to create a blog look to go with something that makes the blog unique, standing out from the “herd”. This means a blog that has its own identity, a blog that is memorable. Such a blog means return of visitors, word of mouth advertising, loyal readers, prominence in the blogosphere, incoming links, and so on.

There are several aspects that make a blog stand out, but what exactly? Here are some of them.


The layout is the face of the blog. If you use a standard layout, or the same template as millions of other blogs, you have already taken the first step to falling into oblivion. Most people using Content Management Systems (CMS) lack creativity and end up using the default (and most used) templates.

A solution for this is learning, at least, a bit of HTML and CSS, which makes it possible for you to edit several aspects of your layout.

Writing style

Try to find your writing style. That is not easy, but discovering a unique way of expressing yourself, be it serious, ironic, or humorous, is essential. The most important thing is to avoid the “journalist style”, which only describes facts, people and things, without any personal touch. This is quite annoying, and absolutely “forgettable”.

Memorable blogs have an unmistakable style which, by only looking at an article, it is easily identifiable – something that has a lot to do with the next item.


If “content is king”, it is fair to say that personality is queen. If your blog expresses your personality, your way of being and thinking, readers will surely feel more pleasure in reading what you write. This is one of the biggest differentials a blog can have.


Quality is a sure way to differentiate a blog. It is a concept that can be applied to any blog, including non-monetized or personal ones. Quality means having legal and well presented content, beautiful and pleasant visuals, respect for the reader, and also paying attention to grammar and spelling.


It is easy to find the same news or regurgitated idea in hundreds or even thousands of blogs. The real difficulty is to find new ideas, different angles, and renewed subjects. If you are part of the team of those who take time to create a little, then you are on the right path to have a successful blog.

These are 5 aspects that, if well worked, will result in a blog that stands apart from the others. Put them in place and results will appear.

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