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7 Tips and Tricks to Promote a Dental Clinic Through Forums

Modern marketing techniques continue to evolve with the advent of new forms of technology, profiting sectors from all sorts of industries. For dental professionals, the Internet has opened up a great space to educate and inform potential patients about the in-depth details of what they do, and can be an excellent way to help grow a practice.


One of the best ways to directly reach potential patients is by using online forums. Forums allow anyone from anywhere to share their experiences and ask questions. By tapping into communities on forums, you’ll be able to help share important information and attract new customers with your expert advice.

Follow these seven tips to get your dental clinic promoted through forums.

  1. Find Local Forums

There are tons of different forum-type sites that you want to be visible on, but first look to see if there are any local forums discussing anything dental related. Since your customer base will be local (unless you can convince someone to fly from Indonesia to Tulsa,) start attracting attention where it can actually convert to new patients.

  1. Find Question-and-Answer Forums

Nowadays there are tons of online sites that allow medical and dental professionals to answer questions that patients may have, from anywhere. In this case you may not be providing answers to people who can actually visit your clinic, but if you become a valuable resource than potential patients who do search for you will find you to be a knowledgeable expert.

  1. Don’t Overdo Promotion

No matter which forum type you choose, you don’t want to overdo it with promoting your practice. Today’s savvy customers know when someone is trying to sell them on something, and won’t appreciate it if you simply continue to post your business information. Instead, make yourself a helpful resource that people want to seek out for more.

  1. Have A Niche

The key with attracting attention to your practice is presenting something that people can relate with. If you have a niche, such as being particularly great with kids or older adults, find communities that discuss topics for that audience. You may find that there are opportunities to partner with local agencies or programs that can use your niche services.

  1. Be an Expert

No matter where you post, always position yourself as an expert. Of course, this means having the chops to back it up. Think about your niche specialty, if you have one – what makes you such an expert with these situations? Use the knowledge you have to show potential and existing customers that they are working with the best.

  1. Work with Consultants

If you have no idea where to start, don’t be afraid to work with a dental marketing specialist. Just as with any other industry, dental consulting firms will have the knowledge to help you position yourself in the best way possible in forums. Plus, they can help you identify the right places you should be targeting.

  1. Be Friendly

The biggest thing you want to do while positioning yourself as an expert is still be relatable. You don’t want potential patients to feel intimidated in contacting you. Instead, be a valuable resource that people want to be around.

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