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5 Types Of Flexible Coffee Packaging To Help You Catch Customer Attention

Coffee is a beverage that has drinkers all over the planet, regardless of geography, race and lifestyles. In addition, it serves as an inexpensive gift for coworkers and friends during the holiday season, which adds to the popularity of coffee. In the United States alone, 25.84 million 60 kg bags of coffee were consumed in marketing year 2017/2018. To meet such high demands for the drink, more and more coffee brands are popping up. The question is, in an industry with so many competitors already, how can you make sure your brand stands out to the customers? The answer is packaging! Long ago, rigid containers such as tins and jars were used to pack coffee but over the years, flexible coffee packaging has gained precedence for its light weight, easy transportation, and improved shelf life. If you decide to choose digital printing flexible packaging, it will add a more premium look and help your small business rise to professional standards.

Here are five types of flexible coffee packaging, which you can opt for packing your coffee:

1. Flat Bottom Bag

The most common flexible coffee packaging for coffee is the flat bottom bag. Almost brick-like in its style due to its cuboidal shape, this bag can stand unsupported on the shelf. This makes it literally stand out from other packaging styles, which is a sure-fire way to attract customer’s attention.

2. Pillow Bag

Also known as a single serve packet or a three-side seal pouch, the pillow bag is the most inexpensive option among all packaging types. Sealed on three sides, it lays down flat on the shelf. If the packaging is made before being filled with the coffee, it can also have a gas valve or a zip lock. Since they are economical, pillow bags are a preferable option for new businesses. Once your business runs better, you can change the coffee packaging.

3. Quad Seal Bag

Regarded as the classic and most recognizable type of flexible coffee packaging, the quad seal bag can also stand upright on a shelf without support. This is because of the wider base of the packet, which tapers toward the top to depict a triangular shape from the side view. This design also helps the packaging contain larger amounts of coffee without giving it a bulky look. However, quad seal bags are often costlier than other packaging types.

4. Doypack

If you are looking for digital printing flexible packaging, your best option is a doypack since it has a flat face that is perfect for printing visuals. The doypack also has an oval bottom and is flatter toward the top, and can stand on the shelves. This type of flexible coffee packaging comes with a zipper on the top and adds to customer convenience since it helps keep coffee fresh.

5. Bag-in-bag Packaging

This type of coffee packaging is ideal for coffee sold in bulk or for catering services. The smaller coffee-containing bags are commonly filled, sealed and put into another bag using an automatic packaging machinery. Bag-in-bag packaging also keeps the coffee packets safe from environmental factors during transport.

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