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Travel Back in Time with These Ancient-Themed Slingo Games

Let us transport you to ancient lands through the magic of your screen, as we go on a journey to discover the top Slingo games. With these hybrid games, you can travel across the globe as well as through time, and we are here to guide you.

And just like real money Bingo, there’s plenty of cash prizes to be won, if you can successfully make your way up the jackpot ladder! So, if you’re ready to jump in our time machine, let’s go discover the latest, historical Slingo games.

Slingo Berserk

Set sail to the Middle Ages, where you can plunder to your heart’s content and be in with a chance to win up to 1,000 times your stake. Bingo and Slots collide to make this fun-filled, fast-paced game of Slingo Berserk.

With the background of a turbulent sea, the 5×5 grid is adorned with golden coins and filled with a random selection of numbers — similar to a Bingo card. But instead of a traditional Bingo caller, making jokes and jibs about what’s being called, the numbers are determined by the reel at the bottom of the screen.

If the numbers that land match that on your grid, then it turns into a symbol of a Viking helmet. Complete a line of numbers and you win a Slingo, and work your way up the ladder of loot, where you can win prizes for different winning combinations and a top prize of 500 times your wager for a full house!

Place your bet on this adventurous game, and you’ll be provided with 11 spins to triumph and mark off as many numbers as you can. Look out for the special shield symbol as this will reward you with a sought-after free spin, while the hammer allows you to mark off any number in the column above it, as well as potentially triggering a jackpot game with its lightning bolts. You’ll want to avoid the mace icon, as this blocks you from marking off anything on the column above it in the grid.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a Viking warrior, then why not take a chance on this thrilling Slingo game!

Slingo Centurion

When in Rome, as they say, why not take up the mantle of the commanding office, and battle it out the reels of this Slingo game. Based on the original Centurion slot game from Inspired Gaming, this Slingo combines the best of Slots and Bingo for an action-packed experience.

Set amongst the landscape of Ancient Rome, you’ll need to match the numbers on the 5×5 grid to the numbers that land on the reel, and achieve as many Slingos as you can with 10 spins. With winning combinations, you can make your way up the prize ladder, which adorns the column of the temple ruins.

With five Slingos under your belt, you’ll enter the Reelus Maximus bonus round — but six Slingos activate the Prizes of Parade bonus game, both of which are filled with prizes and winning opportunities. If you’re brave enough to reach seven or nine Slingos on the jackpot ladder, then Caesar’s Free Spins game is activated and you could be rewarded with some impressive multipliers and highly desirable free spins!

Look out for the Joker and Super Joker symbols that allow you to mark off extra numbers, but watch for the Devil who will act as a blocker. Enter in the arena if you dare, and see if you can come out as the top victorious Roman solider in this Slingo game!

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