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How Quora Can Be Helpful for Your Brand Marketing

There was a time when people used to find the solutions to their problems in a wise person’s advice and answers to their queries in books and scripts. The paradigm shift in technology and digital world has changed the way we seek answers to our queries. People now reach to the internet for the solution of their day to day as well as complex health or business-related issues. In other terms, the internet has become a central spot where people get engaged with each other for their in-depth discussions.

In 2019, Quora completed a decade in the digital realm. You might have reached to Quora to find out the answers to your incessant questions at some point. You might be unaware of the fact that Quora has grown into a robust marketing platform which is continuously being scoured by the digital marketers. There are numerous ways using which you can discover and avail yourself of the untapped power of Quora.

In this blog, we are going to walk you through few of the effective tactics that will help your brand make its way through the surface of what we call the deep digital sea.

What Has Quora Got for You?

As claimed by Quora itself, it now has over 300 million monthly users comprising active customers, entrepreneurs and a variety of audience having interest in multiple niches. Each passing minute there’s someone who is coming to the Quora’s door with a question to which they are expecting a satisfactory answer, something that solves their problem and gets them out from the confusion they have been facing. To put it differently, there is a large pool of target audience that you still haven’t approached and that can be easily attracted and converted into leads by utilizing pinpointed Quora marketing strategy.

If you have been wondering what Quora has to offer you, here is a list of prominent benefits of the platform:

  • Helps you develop your thought leadership presence
  • Enables you to confirm your authenticity in the niche
  • Helps you understand the psyche of your audience
  • Helps in getting insights from the industry experts
  • Allows you to be visible for thousands if not millions of global as well as local visitors

How Can You Build a Reputation in the Quora World?

The success of your Quora marketing strategy is dependent on how you demonstrate your expertise in the niche to which you want to attract the potential customers. For which you will have to participate in Quora discussions and provide the askers with the valuable replies and quality solutions they have been looking for.

You need to provide them the answer which has been backed by the logical data or first-hand experience of the field you are writing about because let’s be real; nobody wants to read the answers that are nothing but vague opinions and equivocal assumptions. In other words, you need to represent yourself as an industry expert whom people can trust only then you can uplift your brand image, increase traffic and generate leads for your business.

How to Appear as a Reliable Writer on Quora

You cannot leverage the Quora as a marketing tool until or unless you build a reliable writer profile on Quora in your respective niche. It is as clear as daylight that you need to establish a resounding identity on the Quora, which of course cannot be built overnight.

First and foremost, you need to fill up all the credentials fields that Quora has provided you. The platform allows you to create a profile with profile picture, work credentials, real name and a lot more fields that can be filled in order to appear as a real authentic person with trustworthy identity behind all the answers.

So, this is what you need to do:

  • Create an astounding bio which contains key points of your personal and professional information people would like to know about you. Don’t be limited to your designation, area of expertise, and website link. Go ahead and add something personal that humanizes you and adds trust factor to your profile.
  • You can also add more photos even videos in your bio
  • You can leave the links to your social accounts where your followers can meet you and get in touch with you for day to day digital interactions.

Once you have set all these things up, now the actual work starts. You know the drill- you need to be actively involved to a feasible extent on the platform.

Play with Your Keywords

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that your Quora and SEO activities go hand in hand. Just as you do for the ranking of your website- you use keywords that you want to rank for on your main page so that it can make its way through the top searched search engine ranking pages. The same thing needs to be done while using Quora.

For instance, you are a branding company, and the keyword you want to rank for is modern logo. You have used the exact keyword on your main page as well as meta description and meta keywords section. Now what you need to do is to post an answer to the question containing the exact keyword or a similar phrase. Not only this but you need to use the keyword as an anchor text with a link to the web page you need to rank for.

Google algorithms prefer Quora; therefore, they bring up the relevant Quora queries which it thinks provide the value to the platform’s visitors. Not to mention, people usually ask similar questions containing the phrase you use as your focused keyword on different web search engines. Chances are high that your topic-relevant and keyword optimized answers will show up in top search results.

How to Find Relevant and Effective Questions?

Find the questions that fall into the category you write for. Search and follow the relevant topics, this way, you will be notified with the questions that are being asked on Quora and Quora thinks you can provide an answer to the question. Try to find the questions which have been asked within the span of a year, not older than this.

At the same time, be mindful of how many people have followed the question. This way you will be able to get your slot in the list of most viewed authors in your niche. The status of most viewed writer will be visible to the visitors, which helps you leave a great first impression.

These are the points you need to take care of before picking up a question to write an answer for:

  • Focus on question with maximum 500 follows.
  • Follow the questions which have been just asked and don’t have much follows. You can answer them later once they have enough follows.
  • Try to be active in different fields apart from the niche you are deliberately targeting. This way, you will not only be able to build an authentic profile, but Quora’s algorithms will recognize you as a reliable writer and ultimately bring your answers up.

What Should be the Frequency of your Answers?

If you want to emerge as a reliable writer who has a firm grip of everything related to your niche, you need to demonstrate your active contribution to the platform. If you post occasionally replying here and there once in week or month, don’t expect you would be acknowledged as the most viewed writer any sooner.

For this, you need to post relevant and valuable answers regularly and steadily. You need to be consistent with your answers, at the same time answers should be very well-optimized for the audience you think could be your target market.

Track and Analyze

You need to maintain a monthly sheet of Quora activities to keep track of the keywords you have used and the topics you have covered. Other than that Quora allows you to carry out an in-depth analysis of your answers in a simple and accessible way. You can check out the overview of the stats and can find out which of your answers are being upvoted and being shared and viewed most.


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