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Top SEO Benefits for Any Business in 2019

As a business owner, you have likely heard about search engine optimization (SEO). But as a business owner, you also likely asked yourself: What can SEO do for my business? Does my business really need SEO?

Since the beginning of SEO, it has been a never-ending discussion with everyone in the field of digital marketing like 10X Plus Media. What benefits does SEO provide my business? Continue reading to learn the answer to this question:

SEO Builds a Strong Connection with Your Audience

You have gained the trust of Bing or Google if you have reached the first page of the popular search engines. This search engine ranking should help earn trust with your audience.

The most successful SEO technique is content marketing. You will have a good chance of building a strong relationship with your audience if your webpage has a good user experience. However, that is not the only sign. Another sign is valuable content with useful information that answers your audience’s questions by using their own words.

To hear your audience, consider integrating a comment section. Prior to publishing them, be sure to filter out any spammy comments.


SEO is More Cost Effective when Compared to PPC

PPC is highly costly when you compare it to SEO. The reason being SEO having a long-term value and the shorter lifetime value of PPC. You will appear in Google, as long as you pay; your ad will disappear however if you stop paying.

When launch and business or a product PPC is better because it is more difficult to gain awareness with SEO. To promote products and commercial products, PPC works best since you invest money to gain sales and clients.

For web traffic, awareness, and other metrics that result in sales, you would invest in SEO. However, with SEO you do not need to invest as money as you do with PPC.

SEO Increases Leads and Sales

Search engine optimization impacts the buying cycle by putting your website on the map.

One of the ways it differentiates itself from other types of marketing and adds value is that SEO increases sales without the need to increase your promotional costs.

SEO Increases Brand Awareness

SEO has the ability to make your brand discovered and help it be remembered.

The visitor has a long way to go before they are converted, as the sale funnel is a long process. They may not be prepared to buy from you, but entering your website is a good opportunity for your business. Before making an action, the visitor will be aware of what you are offering.

SEO Traffic is More Convertible

The power of converting is another benefit for any business in 2019. In fact, SEO traffic converts better. According to SimilairWeb, search traffic of desktops converts 10x high than the social media. Search is the largest traffic driver when compared to direct, mail, referrals, social, and display ads.

SEO Increases Marketing Attribution

The marketing attribution will increase when your brand awareness increases. Attribution represents how many actions the visit takes on your website. Essentially, attribution tracks the events that engage the user prior to converting them.

The better the chance to increase the marketing attribution, the more users see your brand. You can get more attribution points by having trustworthy websites, better-optimized pages, and quality content.

SEO Builds Credibility and Trust

Google has many factors for ranking and searches quality raters that evaluate and analyze ranking pages and websites. This proves that Google takes a large interest in showing trustworthy, newsworthy, relevant content to the visitor. On the same note, SEO is providing credibility and trust to the website. Those kinds of strong indicators from a site sends Google quality signals. SEO will also help the online reputation of your business grow.

Websites that send the quality signal have one or more of the following components:

  • Security certification
  • Social networking components
  • HTTPS protocol
  • Current contact information
  • Business blog with a comments area
  • Recent activity on site
  • High-quality pictures, great UC, and clean web design
  • Social media activity

In Conclusion

If you are building your first SEO campaign on your own or through a marketing agency like 10X Plus Media, or if you are an experienced SEO marketer, it is important to remember that SEO is always a long-term tactic.

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