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Incredible tech most homes will have in 10 years

One thing that has not exploded as quickly as other industries in the last few years is home technology. This is all likely to change soon, however.

Home technology companies have been popping out of the woodwork and it is only a matter of time before homes catch up with cars, phones, and other similar industries.

Most people have seen futuristic movies with tons of smart home technology. This often leaves people wondering what kind of tech homes will have in their lifetime. Here are a few home technology trends that will likely be firmly involved in new homes in the next ten years.



There is no question that solar will continue to grow and dominate the home industry. Solar companies are still young and figuring out their business models, but the potential is there.

Tesla recently released a battery that can store enough power to run a house during the night. This was a huge release because most houses that use solar still have to have connection to the electrical grid for non-peak hours.

Solar will mean homes will cost a little more to start, but much less to heat, cool, and run. Imagine electricity truly being free. You won’t have to worry about how hot or cold you keep your house.


It is becoming increasingly likely that homes will be controlled by smartphones. Some companies, such as Vivint located in Utah, have come out with some amazing features that give complete control of the home to the homeowner.

Some of these controls include the ability to control sprinklers, locks, TVs, window shades, heat, air conditioning, windows, doors, and more. Many companies are popping up with additional technologies that connect the home even further with a smartphone.

It is extremely likely that in ten years most homes will be completely controlled via wifi connections to smart devices. Your home will be the temperature you want at all times, and a lot of power can be saved by turning off heat and A/C while you are gone.


Many experts believe that homes will become the new workplace. A lot of businesses are already adding a work from home model into their HR departments. As this trend continues and more and more businesses cut costs by running a large number of their employees from home, homes will begin to see office improvements. New homes will come with built in offices that are specifically designed to be soundproof and high tech. They will be secure and have extremely fast and reliable internet.

Down and Up

As space becomes more limited and more valuable the trend will begin to be building down and up. In places where real estate is extremely valuable you will begin to see double and triple basements. You will also see high-rise buildings spring up in places you likely never thought of. Many single family homes will be multiple stories, with small amounts of square footage on each story.

These are just a few incredible trends to watch out for. Home automation is going to be an exciting industry for the next 10 years.

One industry that may benefit from these more expensive, off-the-grid homes is the home warranty industry. Home warranties are meant to insure things that are part of the house like appliances etc. As appliances become more and more essential to day-to-day living and much more expensive to purchase, home warranty companies will become nearly essential to most homeowners. Prices will likely go up, but so will service and competition.

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