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How technology is changing the wastewater treatment industry

With most industries now benefiting from the large amounts of technological advancement in the past twenty years, the wastewater treatment industry has seen vast amounts of improvements in the way that costs are calculated, measurements are taken and the function of the overall system.

Read on for more information on how technology is achieving such large strides in the wastewater treatment industry and how this can be used by your business, too.

What role does technology play in the wastewater treatment industry?

For business and trading companies, wastewater management technology can assist with ensuring that only certain substances are filtered through certain areas and similarly, also ensure that water pressure levels remain stable throughout all components of the wastewater treatment plants and facilities.

Additionally, in issues where wastewater management systems require maintenance due to incorrect treatment of the wastewater or a failing system, these issues can be rectified much more efficiently, thanks to technologies that can identify faults in the wastewater system twenty-four hours a day.

How does technology help with the filtration of wastewater?

With most buildings that have a continuous water supply, there is plenty of excess material that accompanies the stream of excess or wastewater that leaves a building.

The nature of these substances in the stream can vary, but with most waterworks systems needing the stream of water to navigate pipes underground, it is essential that any additional substances do not block the water pipes.

There are technologies available that can assist with identifying where blockages may occur and in some rare cases, prevent the foreign substances from making it any further into the wastewater management system.

What other ways can technology help in the future with wastewater management?

Currently, there are plenty of technological ideas that are being developed to try and aid the wastewater management process, with ideas such as UV light filtration, low-pressure management systems and oxidation detectors in the works. These systems are expected to minimize the overall use of water and save energy in the process.

Ideally, all businesses and trading estates should be able to have access to these technologies to make the running of their services much more efficient and, as a minimum, allow their water supply system to run worry-free.

What kind of technology can be used by businesses for trade effluence?

For those businesses that aren’t sure what trade effluence is, it is any liquid waste that is discharged into the sewers from an industrial provider, such as a business or trading estate.

This is categorized separately mostly because it does not include typical types of water waste substances, such as water from bathrooms or kitchens and as such, hotels and hospitality industries can be excluded from needing to obtain a trade effluent consent.

The wastewater management industry has been developing technologies to help with the management and treatment of trade effluent over the past five years, but if you feel that your business would benefit from advice on how to reduce the amount of trade effluent, then you should seek trade effluence advice from a leading water supplier or wastewater management company.

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