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What It Takes To Complete Windows Certifications

The Microsoft Windows certification is beneficial to the basic understanding of Microsoft technology. The certification can also be used as a basis to further your career in different sectors. Additionally, the skills offer good IT literacy that can be used for personal growth. Studies show that such certifications increase the chances of a job-seeker getting a job. An array of benefits are hinged into completing these certificates.

Apart from getting a job, other benefits include higher salaries, working for high profile companies and working for various multinational organizations. You get to have all these benefits if you consider doing and completing one of these certificates.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

This certification is used as a requirement to enroll in higher level certificates. It does not expire and does not require recertification. Instead, it is refreshed from time to time to accommodate recent technologies. Once it’s refreshed, the certificate is no longer available, and another one takes its place. It’s a mid-level certificate that entails configuring and managing window servers and system administration installations. This involves three exams that need to be taken and can be changed for alternative exams to facilitate job and career needs.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

Information technology experts and professionals take this certificate. It requires recertification every three years to make sure that the proficiency is updated and applicable. This recertification includes one exam.

Microsoft Technology Associate

This certificate is for students and beginners with a passion for information technology. It is an entry-level certificate that covers basic concepts and builds in technical knowledge. Although the certificate is not among the higher level certifications, it is a good start as a beginner who is interested in advancing to higher certificates. One general exam is done followed by a specialty exam to choose between infrastructure, developer and database tracks. This allows one to choose their passion and interest and advance it from there.

Microsoft Solutions Developer

The certificate is awarded to someone who has done well in the exams. These exams test the abilities to develop and design business applications with Microsoft tools. The Microsoft solutions developer is part of training programs.

Microsoft Office Specialist

This certificate gives professionals and students exercises that increase their knowledge and understanding with tasks to do with Microsoft office. It prepares them for future work and job opportunities. For students, it boosts academic performance and helps them chart their lives forward and makes the quality of their careers indisputable.

The Windows Azure certification path is faster, affordable and easily integrates on apps and data.

These certificates are an investment and should be taken seriously. It not only makes you excel in technology but also boosts up your chances in the world of employment. Companies are looking for people who can handle problems regarding technology putting in mind that technology is used in everything.

Employees who can mitigate the risks and solve them immediately are always on demand in the job market. The benefits that come with dedicating your time to complete the certifications are beneficial to the growth of your career. It is imperative that you complete more certificates to boost your resume and the chances of being employed.

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