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How to Boost Sale of E-commerce Website with Promotional Labels

Are you looking for one of the best and popular ways that can help you in your marketing efforts and boost your online sales? Your search helps you come across custom labels that are effective and smarter. You will find that using private stickers for marketing your e-commerce is very helpful. After that, you will start using them if you are not using. In the write-up, let’s have a look at what custom labels are, why to use them, and how to use them for promoting your e-commerce business.

What are custom labels?

Private stickers are optional attributes that you can add to your product data feed. You can use them to label your products or collection of products for increasing the strength of your campaign. Being handy in nature, these stickers allow you to group your products if they are similar to each other. Even being related to the Google fee, private labels can be used for social media sites and Yahoo & Bing.

Why use custom-made labels?

To comprehend the importance of the use of customized stickers, think about a big campaign, you want to run on Facebook. A marketer like you invests hundreds or thousands of dollars. Marketers know the target audience and groups of products are there to bid higher. On the other hand, custom labels suppress bidding and build an opportunity to personalize the campaigns. Using promotional stickers for marketing a business is easier, as people perceive labels differently and never take them as marketing items or advertisement.

Ways to use promotional labels to boost your e-commerce sales

You have decided to use custom labels and stickers for promoting your e-commerce site. However, you have no idea how to use them. Here are 5 ways for your support:

Send emails to draw your customers’ attention

Think about Memorial Day sales. For this, design attractive promotional coupons and let the same on your ecommerce site. You need to set it in a way that it can make its appearance on a particular page. After that, share that link to your email campaign. To let your email subscribers see your email campaign, you can add a little of your UTM code to the link you are going to attach to your campaign.

Use stickers as free delivery pass

Most of the people save money on what they purchase online or offline. Some of them leave their buying decisions from a particular ecommerce site, which charges for the delivery of ordered products. You can create stickers and send the same to your valued customers as free delivery pass if you are taking a fixed amount for delivery of products. On the free delivery pass, you can print your message like Free Delivery for 90 Days and Extra Bonus Discount on Tuesday/Wednesday. With such a delivery pass sticker, you will lure customers to buy from your online store.

Create stickers for relevant seasonal sales

Usually, there is a great impact of seasons on purchases. People buying behaviors change as the season changes. As an owner of an online store, you need to stay updated with the season going on or the one coming to. Suppose that summer has gone or is going to end. To boost your sale, you should create coupon on Season End Sale with attractive offers. In the creation of such labels or stickers, you need to be very creative. Print catchy messages on the sticker to make customers buy something from you. With eye-catchy design and impressive message, you can encourage buyers to come to your ecommerce site for their product purchase.

Use discount or promotional stickers to improve your checkouts

People get attracted to the store, which offers heavy discounts on its products or sells products at a lower rate. Such a store owner believes more sales with low margins are better than no sales with high profits. So, they advertise their store with promotional coupons by mentioning certain discounts. To boost your ecommerce sales, you should follow this. Get in touch with a professional graphic designer to have eye-catchy discount/promotional coupons for your customers. For example, you can offer a 30% discount on the purchase of 200 dollars or more than that. When you get ready to use promotional stickers, advertise it through several means to make customers aware of your discount offers.

Create a festive sticker to boost your sales

There is a certain mindset. People do more & more shopping when a festival is round the corner. You should be ready to take benefits of it. Suppose that Christmas is round the corner. Make a campaign like Christmas Sale. Create and design stickers by focusing on Christmas. Spread it across all channels when you get eye-catchy stickers as Christmas Sale. With proper planning and campaign, you will draw customers in a large number. You can take professional help like iCustomLabel and create promotional labels for your offers and marketing.

You have decided to use custom labels for bringing a boost in the sale of your e-commerce products. That’s well. Now, you have to decide that you are going to design your stickers yourself. You can take the help of professional graphic designers if you find it to do yourself. Whether you do it yourself or take professional support in it, you need to keep your design simple but attractive. Choose the right color and print numbers/letters clearly on the designer labels. With the proper usage, you will be successful in increasing the sales of your e-commerce website.

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