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Best Upcoming Games of 2018 for PS4

Are you fascinated with PS4? Because we are! Here’s the list of the best upcoming games from GamesMojo you will definitely like.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Release Date: October 26, 2018

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Genre: Action, Open-World

In fact, RDR 2 does not continue the first version, it’s the prequel. In the prequel, the Dutchman’s gang appears in its original form: Van der Linde is young, and John Marston is without scars and dreams of becoming a farmer and family man. A nameless Indian who seems to be responsible for the arsenal of thugs is among the new characters. The players will see a new gameplay element: a few modest tents, a fire and a pot which may be upgraded. Users will also have to interact with new characters and fulfill their requests and tasks to increase the authority and develop the settlement. The gameplay is expanded and includes five spacious regions with swamps and alligators in the South of the United States. Characters will be able to swim and take care of animals: now you can groom a horse and buy fashionable saddles for it. The additional missions will be even more interesting, and many tasks will have several solutions at once. An Indian bow is a new element of the arsenal. The system of hand-to-hand fighting will be updated, too. According to some rumors, Rockstar is preparing several modes at once, including the popular royal battle. The list of additional activities is expectedly expanded. The hunting system has become more complicated and realistic.


  • Realistic graphics.
  • New characters and activities.


  • Not many possibilities to empty a virtual wallet.


You will discover the history of the Van der Linde gang that robs, fights and steals for the sake of survival in the open spaces of the very heart of the Wild West.

World of Final Fantasy (Maxima)

Release Date: November 6, 2018

Publisher: Square Enix

Genre: RPG

Maxima will offer players new mirages, new heroes from Final Fantasy and the new Avatar Change System, allowing them to take part in battles as famous characters.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is a renewal of World of Final Fantasy released in 2016. In the updated version you will see new mirages and Final Fantasy champions. In addition, the game will have a system for changing avatars, which provides an opportunity to fight as legendary heroes of the series, including Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, Yuna from Final Fantasy X, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and many other fan favorites. According to Square Enix, the new game can boast a revolutionary combat system with which you can build powerful “towers” of the captured monsters. If you can distribute creatures according to their type and size, you can easily defeat enemies. Monsters can be changed as you like. You can make magicians of them who help other creatures. In addition, the creatures also help to overcome obstacles on the way. World of Final Fantasy Maxima will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


  • New characters and monsters.
  • Great mash up of different Final Fantasy series characters.
  • The Avatar Change system.


  • Some users don’t like Pokemon-like graphics.


If you want to expand the horizons of Final Fantasy, this game is a perfect pick!

The Forest

Release Date: November 6, 2018

Publisher: Endnight Games

Genre: Survival game

The Forest is a survival simulator where you play the role of a passenger who miraculously managed to survive after an airplane crash. The hero finds himself on a mystical island inhabited by mutant cannibals. In this exciting game, users have to build, explore and survive in a huge world where you can cut down every flower or tree. You will also have the opportunity to explore caves and underground rivers. Users can also chop trees to build a dwelling place or to make a fire, get food not to die of hunger, build a small shelter and a fort, arrange around the perimeter of various traps to protect from various external threats, engage in research and construction, create weapons and various devices. In the evening, you can hide from enemies or join them in a fight. Protect yourself from a clan of genetic mutants who have their own beliefs, families, and morals. Use stealth to avoid hassles with enemies or deal with them with a weapon made of sticks and stones.


  • Lots of new features and items.
  • You can focus both on combat or building.
  • Well-developed crafting system.
  • Multiplayer mode.


  • Scary moments.
  • Some visuals are low-quality.


The game is a mixture of horror and survival, and for any danger, you will find a smart solution.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Release Date: 2018 (the exact date is unknown)

Publisher: Fatshark

Genre: Action, Shooter

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 by Fatshark is more realistic and convincing. The main feature is the gameplay, an action when players run from point A to point B, simultaneously fighting with hordes of enemies. Unlike the first version, users will get equipment. There are character classes, each with subclasses. The goal of each mission is not just to run to another shelter, but to do something in the process. The equipment of different power levels and different colors falls out of the chests. The higher your level and the level of the chests that you open, the greater the chance you get good items. Players will also meet bosses which may attack any time. They will also have to monitor the situation with teammates who may need your help.


  • Lots of new items including weapon and amulets.
  • Various classes of characters.
  • Beautiful realistic locations.
  • Remuneration system (rings, amulets, new daggers, crossbows with magical features).


  • Some users don’t like the game’s soundtracks.
  • Not much content.


The game can boast excellent, brutal action, beautiful locations, and addictive gameplay.

Patapon 2

Release Date: 2018 (the exact date is unknown)

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Arcade

In this game, users will get acquainted with the tribe of Patapons, funny one-eyed creatures, carrying various types of weapons and arranging all sorts of rituals. Once they were a prosperous tribe but lost their influence after the attack of the army of a stronger Zigaton tribe. One of the new features is the development of Patapons and their skills. Now you can calculate and plan the development of your small army, collecting various resources for this. It is necessary to upgrade the army because the battles have become more difficult. In addition to many new locations and monsters, users will see new weather conditions. The weather greatly affects the hunting and the battle with the enemies. Players will also like new musical mini-games and expanded entertainment. As the level of difficulty increases, the tasks become faster and more complicated, but valuable prizes are also more intense.


  • Great gameplay.
  • Sufficient amount of content.
  • Hypnotic music and renewed surrealistic design.
  • 4K resolution.
  • New classes of characters.


  • Not many new songs.


You will definitely appreciate mini-games and bosses, diversified missions, and the development of your soldiers. There are a lot of challenges and plenty of opportunities. But the most important thing is that the magical drumming and hilarious songs are again with us.

If you are a fan of arcades or action, I’d recommend trying these new games for PS4. New graphics, missions, and characters are waiting for you!


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