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10 Tips for E-Commerce Site Design

An e-commerce site must look great, mesh with your brand, and get people to buy stuff. That can sound like a lot. However, a few simple design tricks can help you create the perfect site that leaves products flying off the shelves. Read on for the top tips that can help you design your site.

1. Keep Your Design Simple

Your site should be as simple as your favorite paystub maker. Simple is always better for e-commerce sites. The more features on your pages, the more it detracts from the items you are trying to sell.

2. Set Branding as a Priority

As the state sites warn, you should only buy from established e-commerce sites, not those that look like they are trying to rob you of your information. Therefore, to build a reputation and sell more stuff, you need to work on your branding. This makes you different from competitors, is what you’re about, and who your company is, which can help you connect with your target audience and make sales.

3. Pretend To Visit Your Site

To make your website connect to your target audience, you must think like them. Ultimately, that means you should visit your site and see if it is hassle-free, straightforward, easy to shop on, well-designed, and easy to navigate. Giving your visitors these things will help your shop succeed.

4. Use the Psychology of Color to Influence Customers

Choosing the colors on your website is a lot more complex than picking your favorite colors. These are actually powerful tools that, when used correctly, can help you influence your customers. Different colors inspire actions, emotions, and feelings, which you should use to your advantage.

5. Use Clear Images

Images increase conversions in the digital world. That’s especially true for e-commerce sites. No one will purchase a product without seeing it first. To get people to purchase your goods, you must give them high-quality images of these items.

6. Make Product Descriptions Scannable

It doesn’t matter how long you spend crafting those lengthy product descriptions for your site. No one will ever read them. Most visitors read about 20 percent of the words on your page. Therefore, you must make your product descriptions scannable, so visitors pick up the big information.

7. Make It Professional

At the end of the day, your website is trying to get people to purchase something. That means you are asking them to give you personal information, like credit card numbers. They are not going to be comfortable with this if your site doesn’t look professional. Therefore, you must make your site professional looking to get more people to purchase items from you.

8. Use Social Proof

By now, you’ve guessed that building trust and connections with your audience are the key to selling products. Social proof is a great way to accomplish this trust. During the design process, you should find ways to incorporate positive feedback into your website. For instance, you can add a rating section. You could also try a testimonials page where photos and reviews are left. Then, keep up with this by asking customers to comment on your product and adding feedback to your blog.

9. Make Your Products Easy To Find

Nothing is going to kill your sales faster than hard-to-navigate pages. When your customers have to click multiple menus to find what they want, they will jump over to your competitor’s page. Therefore, you must make your pages navigable. Install search features and filters so they can find the perfect product type, size, and color. The easier navigation is, the quicker customers will find what they want and make a purchase.

10. Make Checking Out Easy

As mentioned, hard-to-navigate processes will kill your sales. That includes your check-out process. If yours is difficult, you’re going to miss out on customers. To get more people purchasing from you, you must make your check-out procedures pain-free, straightforward, and simple.

Now that you have the tools you need to design a killer website, you can take on the world of e-commerce. So get started as soon as possible. Give your website an overhaul and start reaping the rewards.

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