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3 Best Countries For Students

Getting admitted into a university is one of the biggest milestones you’ll ever cross in your life. This is why an aspiring student needs to be an essay writer during the time of application. You need to convince the university’s board that you’re a good fit for the school. However, if you want the best education, you need to look for schools in countries that have the best educational system. These schools have world-class standards because the educational system within the regions work.

Top 3 Countries To Find The Best Schools For Students

1. The United States

If you’re not currently living in the United States, you may want to consider relocating as an international student. The universities in the United States focus on research-oriented learning. The core of their educational philosophy is research and innovation. The standard encourages homework and classroom participation as keys to achieving academic excellence. Students don’t just listen, they also contribute ideas. The University of Chicago has produced 97 Nobel laureates who have all impacted the world immensely. The QS Best Student Cities Index has about 13 United States Universities listed. The most preferred courses in the United States according to statistics are Mathematics, Computer Science, Business and Engineering. While the universities have a standard, each one has a distinct culture which is inculcated in the students.

2. Canada

There are many good reasons why 3 Canadian universities are on the list of top 50 best universities in the world and 11 are listed in the top 300. While there are great schools throughout Canada, some of the best are in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. This is why international students prefer these locations. The higher institution in Canada is divided into different parts. You can either opt for the research-focused university or the community colleges. Getting admitted into a university in Canada isn’t as difficult as getting admitted into a top university in the United States. Schools in Canada are also more affordable and international-student friendly. A study conducted by the Canadian Bureau for International Students showed that more than 90% of students see Canada as the best place to satisfy their educational needs. Canada was also recommended as the best study destination by 95% of those surveyed. The University of British Columbia has was the school of 65 Olympic medalists and about 7 Nobel prize holders. This shows that the university gives athletes the environment they need to thrive. 5 past Canadian Prime Ministers graduated from the University of Toronto along with 10 Nobel laureates.

3. Germany

If you’re looking forward to experiencing an entirely new culture while you get a world-class education, you should consider schooling in Germany. With more than 13 Germany universities in the top 250 universities and 30 Germany universities in the top 500, this country has become one of the best destinations for students across the globe. There are many opportunities for students including scholarships and post-graduate opportunities. In fact, some of the oldest universities in the world are based in Germany. The universities in Germany have become popular because their tuition fees are relatively low when compared to the standard of education you’ll be receiving. Many life-changing discoveries have been made in Garman schools. About 34 Nobel laureates came from LMU Munich while the University of Berlin produced 40 Nobel prize winners. Five Nobel prize winners have come from RWTH Aachen University.

The Verdict

If you want to live the American dream and you can afford to pay any amount for quality education, you should look for a school within the American university system. If you’re still looking for quality education but you’re not a fan of America and you’re on a budget, Canada and Germany are good destinations for you. All you need to do is apply, submit your essay and wait for your admission letter. If you’re not good at essay writing, you can request for essay writing services from a site like

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