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Essential Tips To Prevent The Damage Of Your House During The Stormy Season

Pre-summer tornadoes can cause devastating damages to the houses. To withstand any damage during the stormy weather, you need to take suitable preventive measures. The roofs are the ones that face the maximum wrath of the nature. You may find your roof tiles and shingles missing due to a heavy shower, followed by strong winds. The minor leaks can be sneaky, but they can cause great damage to your home’s interior space. Overlooking these small leaks may be vulnerable for your house’s security. Therefore, you must take the necessary steps to prevent any kind of roof damage much before the start of the hurricane season.

Here are some crucial tips to prevent your roof from facing the maximum damage during the harsh climatic conditions.

Inspect the roof

You must inspect the roof carefully with free roofing estimates. Make sure that the shingles are perfectly nailed down. If the shingles are poorly nailed or improperly placed, they can easily get torn away because of the wind. Shingles can get worn-out, with time. When this happens, you need to replace them before a storm hits. You need to remove all the overhand branches. Remember, when the branches fall, they bring with them shingles. This can cause damages to your home’s roofs.

Proper ventilation is a must

You must see to it that your roof is suitably ventilated. If you ignore the poor ventilation, the manufacturer’s warranty could get void. Get your roof inspected on a regular basis. You need to hire the professional roof inspection professionals such as dakreiniging to get the job done. A specialist in storm response roofing can properly identify the hidden problems and get them fixed before the next storm tends to blow in.

Trim the trees

This is also a crucial step to consider. You must remove the dead wood and trim the trees on a regular basis to ensure minimal branch falling during the severe climatic conditions. If there happens to be tall trees surrounding your house, hire professionals to get the trimming work conducted and prevent branches from falling over your home’s roof. This helps in protecting the roof from being damaged during the harsh conditions.

Get the gutters cleaned at regular intervals

Once in every two months, you must get the gutters cleaned. You will find that the dead stems and the leaves are slowly getting deposited inside the gutter space. This leads to water clogging, thus, causing drainage problems. It can also lead to roof leakage. Henceforth, get the gutters cleaned in regular intervals. Talk to landscaping professionals to take care of the scenario. Also, during the stormy season, getting the gutter inspected and cleaned should be conducted every week (and at times, immediately after a heavy downpour).

If you have moved to a new house, the severity of the harsh weather conditions can be managed because of the newness of the roof. However, if the roof is 5-10 years old, it may not  be able to withstand such harshness of weather. Therefore, you must hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect the condition of roof for any leakage or loose shingles.

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