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GetResponse: Your Complete All-in-One Online Marketing Platform

Promoting your business requires much more than addressing just one aspect of online marketing. It is important to take consultation of a reputed digital marketing agency Singapore for an effective marketing plan. Email marketing is a proven and highly effective online marketing strategy and you can find almost a dozen top-end solutions providing the service. But GetResponse stands out from the crowd for not only providing a complete all-in-on online marketing solution for small and medium businesses, it is also much more affordable, easier to use, and more effective. It carries features that make it the best online marketing tool currently available.

Let’s explore the reasons why it is such a powerful all-in-one online marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and types.

Main Features of GetResponse

1. Marketing Automation

1. Marketing Automation

GetResponse has emerged as the most powerful marketing automation platforms. Develop highly effective workflows with easy arrangement of ready-to-use blocks.

  • It allows you to create automated events by studying user behaviors – purchases, cart abandonments or clicks.
  • Take condition-based actions (conditions chosen by you) – scores, send emails or tag.
  • Target more effectively by applying filters – range or amount.

This marketing automation tool helps you create workflows that turn your subscribers into customers, improve your results, encourage completion of purchases, bringing back customers, and do much more.

2. Email Marketing

GetResponse is also one of the most powerful and effective email marketing tools in the industry. The best thing about it is that it is designed for every type and size of business. It keeps improving its Email Creator regularly.

2a. Email Intelligence

  • It goes beyond templates and allows you to make everything unique.
  • The easy-to-use drag and drop editor allows anyone to design their own email templates.
  • Edit images
  • Check email creation history
  • Get access to basic blocks library
  • Save and reuse all your content snippets

There are over a thousand iStock photos and 500 newsletter templates to choose from.

2b. Email Templates

GetResponse’s email marketing function is powered by one of the most advanced and smartest email analytics you can find anywhere.

It can provide you deeper insights at levels you could never imagine before. Get to learn everything you need to boost your email marketing impact:

  • Metrics over time – Target your emails at the right time of the day to generate optimal action from your subscribers.
  • One-click Segmentation – Send relevant content to those who opened and those who didn’t open your messages.
  • Compare Emails – Compare and analyze emails to find out which worked best.
  • Get Real-world ROI – Calculating email ROI is no longer difficult. GetResponse helps you remain on top of your email campaigns and their performances in terms of monetary value.
  • The easy-to-read graphs make it even easier to compare the auto responder stats.

GetResponse provides your automated reports on a periodic basis. You can set the period. It can also provide you valuable social sharing stats and email clients stats.

Inbox Preview – GetResponse also allows you to get a preview of your email in all the major email client inboxes before you even send your messages out. Ensure that your emails look perfect in all inboxes including webmails, desktops and smartphones, whether its Gmail, Aol, Yahoo mail, Outlook, Hotmail or anything else.

List Booster – This feature in GetResponse allows you to import contacts from up to 16 new sources. There is no way that is left out when it comes to importing your email lists.

3. Landing Page Builder

3. Landing Pages

One of the most important aspects of any online marketing platform is the versatility in creating successful landing pages. And GetResponse excels in providing one of the easiest-to-use yet rich and powerful landing page builders.

There are hundreds of unique landing page templates to choose from. A simple WYSIWYG editor allows you to customize the entire page to your specifications – change the colors, add-edit images, insert your brand logos and colors, and do much more. GetResponse uses the latest and most advanced technology for allowing users to create pages much more easily than ever.

  • All landing pages have responsive design.
  • There are built-in web forms to capture user data and leads.
  • There are hundreds of unique templates to choose from.
  • Edit any image and choose from over a thousand freely available stock photos.
  • Conduct A/B testing on your landing pages before making them live.
  • Integrate your landing pages with the most powerful analytics including Google Analytics.
  • Add PayPal buy now button to allow immediate shopping decisions to boost your sales.

4. Auto Responder

4. Autoresponder 2.0

With Auto Responder 2.0, GetResponse is a step ahead of the competition. It allows you to communicate directly to your subscribers based on their interests and needs.

Send out time-based or action-based messages to your subscribers. The main features include:

  • No limits on messages sent per day
  • Total control over timing
  • Drag-and-drop order management
  • Edit messages quickly
  • Send messages based on email opens and clicks, completed transactions, preferences, birthdays and much more

GetResponse’s AutoResponder 2.0 takes marketing automation to the next level.

5. Webinar Tool

5. Webinar

The new webinar tool from GetResponse provides you a complete marketing solution for giving a boost to your conversion rates and engagement rates. It takes just minutes to setup your webinar. Keep it open or protect with a password. There is also SSL protection for your URLs. The webinar URL can also be customized using a title.

6. Webinar 17. Webinar 2

There are dozens of invitation templates to choose from. GetResponse also allows taking the news of your webinar to the social media.

8. Webinar 4

Follow ups can further help in strengthening customer relationships.

GetResponse USP

There are many reasons why GetResponse has emerged as one of the most powerful and complete online marketing tools for empowering SMBS and online marketers.

Its main USPs includes the following:

  • Ease of Use & Simplicity – You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use GetResponse. Anyone with basic computer skills can use it.
  • Affordable – GetResponse provides you a value-for-money complete online marketing solution, something you can’t expect from the competitors – all at a much more affordable price.
  • All-in-one Marketing Tool – It has evolved beyond being a well established email marketing company. It takes its legacy further with its powerful new features including landing page builder, advanced auto responder, and versatile webinar tool.

GetResponse is the best online marketing platform for SMBs. You will have all the marketing tools in the same place, saving you big in terms of the money you spend to subscribe to different marketing tools. Besides, the time saved will further help increase your business’ bottom-line. Affordable and powerful, it brings marketing automation within the budget of every size and type of busines.

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