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Check These Awesome WordPress Translation Plugin 2016 for multilingual websites

Translation of WordPress websites to increase marketing efforts and even to expand the audience reach is quite common in these days. Find out the alternatives on how to achieve all this with less effort.

Necessity To Translate WordPress Site

Do you think there is any necessity to translate the WordPress website? Yes and there is no need to stress this aspect as we know that every company is giving equal importance to target both local and customers across the globe. With this change in the trend find out how to get the multilingual themes and plugins for your WordPress website.

Check the Online Dominance of English

Most of us feel comfortable to understand and express in our mother tongue. However, all these days all the web content is found in English as the internet has initially started with this language But these days we can even find people who are showing interest to read in their preferred language. This trend will surely increase even in the coming years.

Boom of New Language Markets

Right now there are very less Chinese and Arabic internet users. But these figures are going to increase for sure. Undoubtedly Chinese and many other language surfers are going to be seen and you will even translate a Chinese WordPress website in the near future.

Best Selling Aspects is Now Language

There are many successful companies which have raised more revenue just after translating their existing websites into other languages. You can get more customers and not just visitors when you are able to get the translation for your website.

Scope for Multi Language Environment

In these days most of the people are preferring to have the WordPress website in one main language and then there are providing options to translate into multiple languages. With this, they wanted to get the trust of the other customers across the world.

Facts About WordPress Plugins For Automatic Translation

There are multiple plugins which are present to translate the content of the WordPress website. There are different versions to provide complete flexibility to the user. One can just provide the different language translation settings and with this the user can translate individual post also.

1. When to Choose Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator

Just use a simple shortcode and insert this translator at any place of the website. There are plenty of languages with which your website can now be translated into. It is very easy to configure and most of the people are preferring this as you can even hide the identity of the google translator.



This is worth to try the plugin for the ecommerce websites and as well where there is a need for the multiple users to translate the page. There is complete support from the technical team as well for many queries.

3. Google Website Translator by

Google Website Translator by

This translator is popularly known to be the fastest plugin and has multiple customized options. You can either use this as the short code or the widget. There won’t be any sort of impact on the page load and with this you can get added advantage of many languages to translate.

4. GTS Translation Plugin

Use this plugin and then translate into as many languages as you need. This plugin also provides a lot of Meta tags and plenty of SEO advantagesalso.

5. qTranslateX


In addition to content, you can now even translate the time and date as per the location of the user. Get the added benefits of the sitemap and as well the potential of the SEO optimized translation. You can even get the translation to many languages.

WordPress Plugins With Standalone Translations

6. Ceceppa Multilingua

Ceceppa Multilingua

This is the SEO friendly plugin which is useful to translate into many languages. There is a chance to make edits with ease. Any translation is done with just a click and people use this plugin with ease.

7. WPGlobus – Multilingual Everything!


Give extra feasibility and look to the customers with this plugin. You can add the flags or any other display options to translate the website into their comfortable language. There are a lot of customizable widgets that are useful.

8. Multilanguage by BestWebSoft


Now you can define the tabs to translate individual post or anything that is present on the website. When you wish to choose the default language, then you can hide that particular link. It depends on your creativity to select the multiple styles for switching the language.

9. PolyLang


Make use of this plugin and create either bi or multi-lingual support for every post or article or whatever you create. The translations can even be done manually. There is complete flexibility to select the domain or the subdomain of the language.

10. LingoTek Translation

LingoTek Translation

This is the most useful plugin as it helps you to translate the page either with the help of your team or by machine or by a pool of translators. One can make use of the widget method to change the languages also. Best known plugin for high quality and to save the costs.

Translate WordPress Via Multisite

When you want to provide different websites in every language then you can achieve this with the help of the multisite. With this you have the scope to install a lot of WordPress websites.

WordPress Multisite

You can now target every market and country with a website in a specific language. And this is possible for every site either in the form of subdomains or the directories without fail.



Get extra features with this plugin like easy user interface, SEO friendly URLs and can find out whether all the translations are done perfectly or not. You will be able to get more benefits compared to the multisite.

Thinking To Choose Multilingual Translation?

So there is a myriad of reasons to get ultimately successful and to expand your business in less time. Select the best plugin which chooses your business requirements and reach the target audience all across the world.


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