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Free Online Tool To Generate Random Text Sentences in 2023

Random text sentence generator is a free online tool that is designed to automatically form text pieces. The tool generates random text sentences as per the diverse size and topics for the web application, test purpose, and design mockups.

In the field of software development and testing, it is very common to encounter a situation where you need to generate some random texts. It is done for testing purposes where bulk data is required. Here comes the role of random text sentence generators.

In 2023, the competition in the market for software will increase and the developer will be needing an online tool to generate random text sentences. Such texts are mainly used for testing load or related aspects. In this blog, you will be made familiar with some of the free online tools to generate random text sentences in 2023.

Purpose of the random text sentences generation

In the performance of cross-browser testing, the text sentence generator is utilized. It can be understood by stating the example: if you are performing unique testing forms that require specific content, then you can randomize the text sentences and paste them into the form. The generation of the text sentence is random therefore the line generated is not predictable and each of the forms will have different and specific text in it.

In the same way, if you wish to write browser testing or an algorithm which requires checking for duplicate content. In that case, randomization of the text can be done and fed into the algorithm. Another use case is randomizing the data and selecting random items from the data.

Way to use online tools to generate random text sentence

The online tools are very useful to generate text sequences. You just need to define the length of the character and total word length and hit on the Generate sentence. The result displayed will have random sentences according to the specified requirement.

Some of the available random text sentence-generating tools are as follows:

Random text sentences generator by LambdaTest

LambdaTest is the cloud-based exploratory and automation testing platform to test your web and mobile apps across 3000+ real browsers, devices and OS. It also provides free online tools to help devs and testers in their daily activities. One of those tools is a random sentence generator that can be used for different purposes, including creating a dummy page, designing a new web page with dummy content, and more.

It is freely available and easy to use. This tool can write multiple sentences through a programmatic approach. It generates sentences from the predefined grammar or language model which is trained on large text datasets.

With a random text generator tool, you can get dummy sentences that will help to fill blank spaces on specific web pages for free.

Lorem Ipsum

Loram Ipsum is an online tool that also offers a lorem ipsum text generator. It is simply understood as the dummy text generator which can be enabled with basic settings. Lorem Ipsum offers features for adjusting the number of words, paragraphs, and bytes of the text sentence which are mainly random or regarded as dummy text.

The magazines and websites make use of headings, lists, and uneven or unequal length of the paragraph. With the Lorem Ipsum text generator provides more options for simulating real content. You can easily customize the text generated by specifying the length of sentences or words which ranges maximum of four thousand five hundred.

Random text sentences generator by Testsigma

It is another used for the generation of random text sentences which are free and open source. It is an online tool that generates random sentences with defined character lengths and random words. Each of such words has random characters ranging from a to z in a defined size. Such words are picked up and random sentences are generated. With the use of Testsigma, a maximum of 8 words can be displayed whenever a sentence is generated.

Blind Text Generator

Blind Text Generator gives some basic and advanced options. It helps the users to choose specific words, character counts, and paragraphs. Further, you can add paragraph tags to the sentences. This is different from other text generator tools because it offers different options for the text itself. For example, you can change the font styles, size, spacing, and alignment too.

Random text sentences generator by Figma

Random text sentences generator by Figma is an online random text generator tool offered by mainly for the one who desires something new other than the standard dummy text generator. You can generate random text for multiple layers easily. It is available as a plugin that allows the production of randomization of data for prototypes with help of keystrokes.

The use of the above tool is easy. You have to run the random text generator plugin. Then select the text layers. Followed to this, you can write text according to your desire and wrap randomized data. You can also choose between replacing text or associating to the initial and end of selected text layers. Then you have to press the change text button. Yes, you are done.

Random text sentences generator UI Bakery

It is also a widely used tool for the software developer and tester based on its simple designation. It automatically generates text pieces that vary in size and topics for the sample web page, test purpose, and design mockup. It is also quite easy to use. you have to select the needed noun or adjective categories by setting the minimum and maximum length of words in the sentences. Followed to this, then define the number of sentences and select on generate. The random text sequence can be generated.

Random text sentences generator CodePen

It is a social development environment basically for the front-end designer and developers. It is mainly used to build and deploy websites, and form test cases for learning and debugging. Along with that it also offers a free online tool for random text sequence generators. However, it is quite complex to be used when compared with other tools available. It involves the use of HTML for such a generation.

Random text sentences generator Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is the online tool used for random text generation. It mainly depends on generating the strings of sentences to test performance in the search of algorithms and other. This tool is also freely available and easy to use like the other tools.


In the present blog, a piece of brief information is provided in the tools for the generation of the random text sentence. Such tools are free and open source; thus, can be used by any developers and testers based on their requirements of sequence generation. LambdaTest is a cloud-based testing platform that offers random text sentence generator tools which are very easy and simple to use. You can get random text sentences in just one click.

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