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Popular GBA Games That Worth Your Time and Attention

Nintendo had unveiled Gameboy Advance (GBA) on August 24 at the Spaceworld in Tokyo. GBA first went on sale March 21, 2001, in Japan, at 9,800 yen (approximately $ 100). Nintendo felt it was time to upgrade their hard-working Gameboy, which by that time was already ten years old.

The console screen does not light up, making it extremely difficult to play in poorly lit areas. But there is a Chinese accessory called “afterburner”, which is built directly into the console and allows you to play with the light. By the way, recently released a new version of GBA SP; In it, this problem is solved by the built-in factory backlight.

Exciting and Popular Game Boy Advance Games

GBA has about 15 hours of battery life. The GBA is backward compatible with all Nintendo portable consoles, which means you can play all games from Gameboy and Gameboy Color on your GBA. Now, it is the best time to know more about games that may fulfill your free time with joy.

Mario and Luigi – Superstar Saga

Hooray! Finally, Princess Peach wasn’t stolen! She remained in her place in the Mushroom Kingdom. But her voice the evil sorceress managed to take. And to the rescue of this, not the most crucial part for the princess, two brothers at once go – Mario and Luigi. The main feature of the game is the need to interact with brothers controlled by one player: for example, you will need to put them on each other’s shoulders to fly, and Luigi will hit Mario on the head so that the squashed brother can crawl through the narrowest gaps for bonuses.

The game takes place in the Bean Kingdom, which means new enemies, updated landscapes, and improved puzzles. If you love complexity, then Mario & Luigi – Superstar Saga – just for you.

Pokemon – Black & White

Continuing the tradition of two-version creation of Pokemon games, developers decided to create Pokemon Black and White. In each of the series, Black and White, there are not enough dozens of Pokémon necessary to fill the Pokedex, which means that players will have to meet each other, exchanging missing monsters and competing. What is any Pokemon game? This is a juicy plot, beautiful views, and spectacular fights! The developers took these three pillars of the Pokemon universe, and powerfully strengthened them.

The Plasma team appeared in the world, next to which even Team P seems to be an extended day group, the graphics were worked out in more detail, and some changes were introduced to the gameplay, in particular to the combat system. Three-on-three battles are now available to players, which gives much more variations of the placement and strategy on the battlefield. Enjoy classic gba roms and feel the new level of gaming.

Pokemon – Emerald Version

At first glance, Pokemon – Emerald Version is similar to other games in the series. From the second, it undoubtedly turns out to be better in several respects at once. The main character will have to give a cap not only to the ubiquitous Team R, upload his Pokedex info on all Pokémon and along the way become the champion of his region as a coach, but also save the world from two teams at once – Aqua and Magma. Unlike other games, in the Emerald Version of the protagonist for some reason, everyone does not like at all, so his Pokemon will not have to sit out in his pokeballs.

The game is in the “two against two” mode, animated pokemon sprites, several versions of battles that differ in the rules and the ability to live in the game even after passing it. And certainly, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to immediately find all 386 Pokémon just by going through the story.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – Battle Nexus

Who would have thought! Ninja turtles lost Splinter! And now the mutants will have to go through seven levels, divided into several parts, to rescue their mentor from captivity. Compared to the previous version, the game has become much more refreshing. The player can change characters during the game, using the skills of each depending on the situation, and such skills for each fighter can be up to thirteen!

True, you won’t be able to get them right away, for this you will have to collect crystal bonuses. Also interesting is the team selection system in multiplayer mode. This makes it possible to gain additional skills and a new character. When will you still have the opportunity to play Casey Jones or Splinter himself? So blindfolds and into battle!

Disney Sports – Snowboarding

Snowboarding You have to play for the representatives of the cartoons of the DISNEY company. These gallant characters are eager to conquer such an extreme sport that they are ready for anything, well, or almost anything. This game also includes a portion of good humor.

Donkey Kong Country

The most famous game in the “pocket” version. Well, there’s no way to get away from a comparison with the SNES version. The conclusion is as follows: the GBA version is no worse. The plot is the same – the Kremlin is stealing bananas, and Donkey and Diddy set off in search of a banana supply. Graphics and music are almost the same, except with very slight differences. But the difference, and it’s very significant, is different – now you can save the game at any time when the Kongs move around the map (which, by the way, is made more beautiful than on SNES), and also there you can see essential statistics on the number of secrets (found / total) for each level passed.

There is also an accompanying quest – in different places of the game you need to collect gizmos such as cameras to fill out a unique photo album. In addition to the primary game mode, there is also a mode of passing levels for a while and additional mini-games like fishing and dance floor — a game for 1-2 players.

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