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Take Zorbing to the Next Level With Right Choice

If you like adventure you like Zorb ball. And hamsters also like the sphere ball hence Zorb balls are also popularly known as human hamster balls. Zorbing balls have a lot of variety in them and that gives you the ticket to your happiness. It’s an extremely joyful sport that makes your dreams come true when you want to walk on water!

Zorbing is a popular trend in New Zealand; however, it is getting more and more limelight throughout the world for its exciting and super awesome riding. The huge sphere ball with enough space to get in welcomes you to roll, run, walk and do whatever you have ever imagined within it. A Zorb ball is pretty popular for globe-riding, sphereing, orbiting. While it seems pretty cool, zorbing can also be challenging for those who have never gone through this experience.

However, if you know its types and usage, it is nothing but a super awesome sport that welcomes everybody from kids to adults. In this post, we shall shed light on its popper types and what each ball is specified for.

What are Zorb Balls Made Up of?

High-quality plastic is used to make zorbing balls and the see-through flexible plastic plays a major role in keeping you secure from hurt, rashes, and injuries. There are many plastics and materials used to keep the safety highlighted. The inner and outer layer of the Zorb ball has 100,000,00mm2 of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).

Zorb balls are made with pretty much professional concern and most of these balls can endure the heightened temperature easily. These balls do not get wrinkled or burst. The exterior of the Zorb ball can survive -25 degrees.

Different Types of Zorb Ball For Maximum Fun

If you get the option and variety in one thing, the joy and freedom of choices get instantly doubled. The orbiting ball with an outer diameter of 3.5 meters and an inner diameter of 1.80 meters is what lets you walk, run, and roll onto the smooth surfaces. There are many options such as you can get yourself secured with straps, or running freely. It all depends on your mood and choice. For a sports activity like zorbing you certainly get the various other types of this huge sphere ball which ultimately makes your ride a joyride!

1.     Ground Zorbing

As the name suggests, this is one of the most basic and regular zorbing types in which you roll and run onto the ground level. You can descend from any safely inclined surface. However, in-ground zorbing you further get two subtypes or options.

  • Harness Zorbing_ in this type you have got the harness and fixture to hold you safely.
  • Stock Zorbing – in this type you are free to move and run.

2.     Hydro Zorbing

Hydro Zorb ball is for water walking. If you like to run and walk on lakes and pools, the human hamster ball is what you need. The rider inside the ball can choose to get fastened or free state as per desire. The Zorb ball will also have water inside, a little bit.

3.     Free Zorbing

Free zorbing ball aka wound zorbing is when you have the freedom to set the rolling speed. While moving forward, you can roll the Zorb ball as you want and it gives you control.

4.     Bubble Ride Zorb Ball

In bubble ride Zorb ball you get a similar experience to that of a hydro Zorb ball. Aqua zorbing is a pleasure and fun for those who do not like the water inside the ball. You get inside the bubble and walk on the water surface with air inside the orb.

5.     Snow Zorbing

One of the best parts of zorbing is that you can do it regardless of the weather. From water to snow the kind of ball is what enables you to get the best experience using it. The snow zorbing is yet another exciting type that lets you skate on a flat surface even in chilled winters.

6.     Bubble Soccer or Bubble Football Zorbing

Bubble soccer Zorb ball is another sport similar to football. It minimizes the chances of bumping into each other. Your upper body has the Zorb ball and the lower body is free to move and the lower body is free to move and kick the ball.

7.     Aerosorbing

And lately, the Aerosorbing ball gives you the surprising and next-level flying in a wind tunnel experience. Hovering in the air of the Zorb ball gives the rider a weightless experience and it certainly feels suspended.

The summary is, if you want to get the most out of zorbing, choosing the ball accordingly would only enhance your overall riding experience!

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