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The Importance of Research Publications in Academic Career

A good academician becomes a powerful scholar with frequent publications. Frequent research publications by an individual will result in increasing the researcher’s credit. A number of recruiters, institutions, look for individuals who have done ample researches and published those in journals. The significance of research publications are immense.

It is important to keep in mind that the emphasis on the number of publications cannot decrease the quality of the research. There are many a times when researchers manage to put something in their research just for the sake of publishing.

The right way to publish is to start properly. One has to conceive an idea, submit a proposal, get clearances from the board, research, finish the paper, and then publish. The method of the research is the heart and soul of a research proposal. Researches should come up with a method to tackle the research problem. It can be experiments, descriptive, activities, analysis, surveys, evaluations, ethnographic study etc. Research publications done in this manner will have lot of merits. Problems in the particular field can be identified, the causes can be diagnosed. More importantly, the research comes up with a potential solution. MBA Colleges in Bangalore encourages their students to research and publish it on the leading journals.

What does a research paper should have? The structure of the paper goes like this,

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • The Importance of the research paper
  • Research Questions
  • Chapter Outlines
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology of the Research
  • Research Results
  • Discussion
  • Inference
  • Bibliography
  • Citations

Publication is very important in the academic career as researches provide the researcher with information and knowledge. Academic articles improvise on one’s own research skills. Publishing the research in a journal or a magazine might even grab the attention of the mainstream media.

Research and publications are crucial and essential to grow and prospect in an academic career. They play a vital role in the educational and academic career of a researcher. A well conducted research increases the credibility of the researcher. It increases the student’s ability to integrate. Researchers will be able to provide different theoretical insights. It will contribute to the existing literature and might even try to break few walls.

The researcher should look for the quality of the research. The thesis and the researches that one has come up with will impress the recruiters and employers. It will add value to the researcher’s resume. The research will come up after a formalised procedure. Researcher’s ability to conceptualise the plan and the organisational skills will be an added benefit. The researcher will have a clear sense of direction right from the beginning of the research proposal.

Research publications will add value to those who are in the researching, educational field, for an instance in MBA Course. The researches will provide a million of perspectives about one single topic. It is not just the career of an academician prospers but also the fields that are researched upon. Researches are almost done in all fields and disciplines. Interdisciplinary researches are also progressing at a faster pace.

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