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How to Get Started on Instagram for your Business?

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have evolved beyond mere means of connecting with friends and family. You must know that this application, especially Instagram is a powerful vehicle to project your business.

Instagram is the Top Social Media Application of this Decade

The growth of social media in the past years was exponential, so much that brands began to buy real Instagram followers. It has turned into an unparalleled platform to carry out publicity and advertisement campaigns. No other traditional media can spread the word of your business such effectively and within affordability.

Instagram is the new “Boss” among all social media apps. This photo-sharing app is the top choice of today’s youth. It has beaten its owner Facebook and even Twitter. With billions of daily active users and hundreds of serious social media influencers, Instagram is the best place to carry out business with worldwide customers.

Here is a basic, step by step guide for you to get going on Instagram with your business. Give it a good read.

Step 1: Install the Application

Installation of the application is an optional step. You can access the app through its website as well. However, the app makes uploading photos and carrying out several other actions way easier and user-friendly. Visit the App Store and download it for free. Install the application and you are all set to move forward.

Step 2: Sign Up To Create a New Business Account

When your focus is on online business, you must create a Business Account on Instagram. Business accounts are much more useful for this purpose. You can also opt to sign in using your existing Facebook account, but that is not advisable for business pages unless you got A Facebook account dedicated to the business. Pick an available username. You can show uniqueness and creativity in this aspect.

Step 3: Select a Profile Picture

The first thing that people notice on any social media page is the profile picture. The selection of an appropriate profile image is very important. It should be something which represents your business suitably. It must also bear p positivity and have a unique appeal so that the consumers remember your brand. The Company Logo works well here.

Step 4: Write a Good Bio with the Link to Your Website

Though Instagram is mainly about photos, you should not skimp on writing the Bio properly. A few good lines describing your company make a good bio. If you are serious about your business, you must have a Business Website. Make sure to add the link to your Instagram Bio for the ease of your followers.

Step 5: Build Your Empire on Instagram

This is the most crucial part. You have to produce contents, make your page visible and keep your followers and users engaged. Establishing reputation and popularity takes time but always pay off. You can also buy real Instagram likes and followers to speed up this process. is a new service to help you with this. It is a common practice for many business houses. Collaboration with influencers and being responsive to followers will help you as well.

Once you reach a desirable position in social media, your business is bound to benefit and turn in huge revenue in no time!

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