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Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash- What Is The Difference?

Okay, so are you unable to choose between bitcoin and bitcoin cash? Which is better, bitcoin or bitcoin cash? Should I invest in bitcoin or bitcoin cash? Are these your conflicts? Yes!? Then you have ended at the right place as we will help you understand the difference and make the most out of it. Let’s start with understanding these terms.

So, what is a Bitcoin Revolution? Well, it is a digital currency. In better words, bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be used to buy, sell and make purchases with direct exchanges without the bank comes into the picture.

And when we talk about bitcoin cash, it is a fork of the bitcoin, that is, the bitcoin has the three most popular types of cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

So, Bitcoin cash is one out of the three bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

And that is why bitcoin cash is a fork of bitcoin that originated from that itself. Now, did you get that? Now, you are familiar with these terms. Well then let’s jump up to the difference that lies between the two.

Now, here we guide you to understand the difference: Bitcoin vs bitcoin cash.

The Value Holder

Bitcoin came into being much before bitcoin cash and hence, has held more value to its name. Bitcoin worth is around USD 10,258.22 while the bitcoin cash is USD 226.83.

Well, if you know bitcoins or the bitcoin cash, attain their values as per how much they are being adopted and used. More the demand, more is the value.

And it is known that bitcoin cash is much younger than the bitcoin thus, holding lesser demand compared to the bitcoin. Hence, the former has a lesser value.


Well, it is to be sure that both these are different in terms of understanding and usage. Don’t get confused, they don’t mean the same.

Bitcoin cash was once a blockchain of bitcoin and is now a separate entity. Bitcoin came into being in response to the Great Financial Crisis and to avoid the bank reliance on money.

While bitcoin cash was an initiation in the concern for the future of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cash is more of a flexible payment system to help transactions.

With the bitcoin-only sending and receiving of funds was available, but bitcoin cash is more than that, offering a payment system to make purchases, buy and sell hassle-free.

Transactional Features

Bitcoin cash has a way over bitcoin, concerning this feature. Bitcoin cash process the transactions much faster than bitcoins.

The former one is capable of handling more transactions made per second. Do you know that even the transaction processing fees for bitcoin cash are lower compared to bitcoin?

These were some of the differences that help you better understand, bitcoin vs bitcoin cash. They help make your own choices to invest in bitcoin or bitcoin cash.

That was all for now. If you have any queries, read more of our writings to know more.

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