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How to Choose the Best Session Replay Tools for Your Online Business

For anyone with an online business, you know how important it is to constantly analyze market trends, and ensure that your product or service is competing with those in the same categories. One of the tools that can be used to help you stay competitive in 2020 is session replay software. Choosing the right one is not easy, as they all offer a range of services that are similar. But, some tools standout from the rest, and these are the ones you want to use.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Many businesses try to monitor their digital customer journeys by using humans. Human error is inevitable though, and watching hundreds of thousands of customer journeys is simply not possible, even if you decide to employ hundreds of people to take on this task. The use of artificial intelligence or AI, is one of the ways in which many digital customer journey companies, who also use session replay solutions, set themselves apart from the rest. AI is able to analyze big data in a matter of minutes. The margin of error is also much smaller, because AI is able to accurately sift through information to find trends in a way that humans cannot.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is also a service that should be offered by any technology that uses session replay. A website or app will be accessed by hundreds, if not thousands of users every day. This means that as soon as a user clicks on to a website or app, their digital journey will begin, and will be recorded. Each of these journeys offers some crucial bits of information which may not be important at the time, but down the road they could be. That is why Clouds must be used. They can store terabytes of data, and can be easily accessed by the employees who have access to them. One thing that a business will want to be sure of, is whether or not it is a single tenancy or multi tenancy Cloud.

The Importance of Cloud Security

If Cloud technology is being used for data storage, then you as a business will want to ensure that you have the most secure Cloud network possible. Cloud systems come in two forms, multi tenancy, and single tenancy. Single tenancy is the most secure, as it means that the Cloud is only being used by your business or company. All of the digital journeys recorded by the session replay tools are stored there. With a multi tenancy Cloud, it means that multiple businesses will be storing their digital journeys within the same Cloud. In theory, this should not pose any security problems, but things do happen. Should there be a Cloud update, or one of the businesses undergoes an update, there could be the possibility of some confidential information being stored in the wrong sector, or possibly a business even seeing confidential journeys which they should not. This should be avoided at all costs, as a competitor might be able to use this to their advantage.

When choosing the right customer journey software for your business, you should think about what exactly you need from your journeys, and how you plan to use them in the coming year.

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