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Top 5 Best Review Sites in the UK

Today the world is a much smaller place with the emergence of the internet. People have access to such detailed information which was not possible even a few years ago. But what does this mean for products and services? Modern customers are savvier than their predecessors and want to understand every aspect of a product or service before they place their hard earned money on it.

Reviews are an essential tool that marketers are using to their advantage these days. Various review sites offer detailed insights on a product or service first-hand from people who have used them. This enables a buyer to understand the pros and cons of a product or service before they make a purchase decision. Not all of these online review forums offer unbiased, independent product or service reviews. Therefore, we have compiled a list of five review sites that provide independent and reliable reviews.

1. Yelp

You may be missing out on serious potential if you haven’t listed your business on Yelp. It is one of the largest customer review platforms with approximately 170 million consumers offering 148 million reviews each month.

Yelp is also believed to help a business rank higher on search engine results. This makes it easier for customers to locate your business. The platform also provides “find us on Yelp” banners which can be downloaded, and placed on your website encouraging customers to leave reviews.

However, Yelp does not allow business owners and managers to respond to any reviews whether they are negative or positive unless you register with them and set-up a profile.

2. TripAdvisor

It can be easy to dismiss TripAdvisor as just another review site if you don’t run a restaurant. However, anyone in the entertainment, hospitality or customer experience business should make sure that they are listed on this online forum.

Almost 270 users post on the site every minute. Today TripAdvisor has become an integral part of traveling or holiday planning. This website can be tricked, but if you know how to curate your webpage, it can be immensely compelling.


Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular with new gaming platforms cropping up almost every day. Today’s online gamers are spoilt for choice. But how do you figure out which gaming sites are secure and offer innovative online games?

UK Casino reviews are developed to make it easier for players to identify the best online casinos. They assess gaming portals on various aspects such as bonuses, customer service, or banking opportunities. So look no further if you want information on the best online gaming sites.

4. Google

Google is a potent tool for small businesses. You may have already filled out your details on the Google My Business page. But it is also important to remember that it’s also a place for customers to leave reviews.

Google reviews enable your average star rating and a link to written reviews to appear on the right side of Google’s search page when some searches for your business. Prospective clients can see what other people think about your business even without leaving the search page.


The Yellow Pages is slated to stop printing soon, and this has compelled many companies to move their listings online. Along with the businesses, customers will also change their behavior with this development.

For people who have used the Yellow Pages for over the past 50 years, the online site will be the first place they go to when it is discontinued. Businesses can create a profile and build up some positive reviews before the switch.

We hope that the above review forums will help you in your search for whatever it is that you seek. A reliable and transparent review of a product or service can help prospective customers take the right decision. Here you can find some best product review websites list. So, go ahead and take a look at these online review sites next time you consider buying anything!

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