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The Best PC Games Of 2018

It is such a common thing where most of the people would like to play games on PC for wider screen experience. When it comes to PC, there are lots of games available on the market to grab as per the convenience. One thing should keep it in mind is most of the PC games are available at a huge size which may consume more memory space on PC. However, this is the thing which many people hesitate to get PC games on PC.

So, here some Best games for PC are listed where the gamers can download those games at the compressed level of size. Hope it will be helpful for all the games that who want to play a game on their PC without difficulties. Some of the huge size games coming with compression are listed below.

The Best PC Games Of 2018

Need for Speed Most Wanted

This Need for Speed Most Wanted games has three modes like Circuit races, Sprint races, and Speedrun. It excites the players with a better environment and comes up with a Map for the users to know the exact location. When it comes to NFS game, thus the gamer can customize own car. However, it also offers the best quality level of graphics which makes the players involve more into it. The game provides world’s best expensive cars to increase more excitement.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

It is considered to be the twelfth installment of this series that comes up with three modes like zombies, multiplayer and campaign. This could be the best game where the users can customize it. It is the game where the user can see a map which helps to track the location to travel. Also, the game contains two teams which are terrestrial as well as counter-terrestrial where the user needs to choose it one. However, it offers a huge collection of guns and other weapons.

Brave Frontier

Brave frontier is an action game which has a huge fan following and is rated high on play store. It is a Japanese mobile role-playing game developed and published by A-Lim. Using Brave frontier mode APK, you can fight the battle in your own way by assembling hundreds of legendary heroes and lead them to the darkest hordes

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Beast of winter

This single-player game is said to be one of the best video games to play. It is the games come up with amazing graphics along with great sound effects to increase more excitement. This adventure game has the great levels to tackle and step into the next with lots of interesting gameplay modes. When it comes to control, it offers the best than expected while playing on the PC at any time.

IGI 4 The Mark

For information, IGI 4 The Mark is said to be the first person action video game that works as a single as well as multiplayer game. The available of game modes are highly entertaining where it is all about the two heroes assigned to destroy the nuclear mission. It is the games that mostly support the evaders and best shooter. When it comes to background music and visual graphics, it offers the best.

Forza Horizon 3

When it comes to racing games, there are very few games might satisfy the people. In this case, this amazing open world racing video game comes up with Australia’s location. Thus the game is mainly offering around 350 expensive cars for the gamers to play. Also, it has the option of customizing a car as per convenience. However, it also supports multiplayer mode and provides a number of levels to play and experience in an interesting manner. The game has an impressive option of controlling for the players where anyone can play comfortably.

Prince of Persia 3

This could be the best action and adventurous video game for your PC. It is considered to be the single player game where offers a lot of exciting levels to accomplish. This widely praised game contains an eye-catching graphics and offers the best visual effects for the better experience. Thus the available of controlling for the gamers is absolutely easy and creates more excitement. It is the game that all about the prince with kaileena return to the Babylon where he saw the city is destroyed by war. After that, he fights against the enemies and starts to save himself.


It is the game named as best action run and gun game where the game focuses only on the battle. When starting to play a game, one can experience the two avatars like cup head or Mugman. In general, thus the game is all about to complete the level and offers the role-playing element. Once the level is completed, thus the game will get a high score or if the gamer got the time to complete the respective level, then it will offer a low score. When it comes to graphics and sound effects, it offers the best.

Civilization VI

People who show the skill in making maps, and then this is the suitable game. It comes up with an open world environment that has a stunning animation to cheer. Along with that, thus the controlling of this game is quite impressive. It is the game that all about to make an own building with sheer brilliance and skill.


Generally, most of them are struggling to download and install the huge memory size games on PC. It is also such a common thing where everyone used to experience before going to download and install the games on PC. This could be the main reason that brings a lot of big size games into compressed ones. With the help of the above mentioned highly compressed games for PC list, one can get these games on PC and start to play without any hassles.


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