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Past, Present & Future of Video Animation

The video animation Industry has become the central part that stands in every other professional sector. With the multiple uses of the animated videos in every other branch of occupation, the demands have raised high in over the past decade, and now the video animation has reached the new heights of success.

It is proven from several of research and observation that it is not an easy job for any random person to just decide one day that they want to create an animated video and they somehow magically become an animator. It necessitates a great deal of practice and experience to create a perfect animated video, and in order to develop the entire animated movie, it takes years and years of experience to get hold of the perfection.

Some people have this perception that using the online free video animation makers or tools is also one of the great options that can be kept in consideration to create an animated movie. It is not possible to create any animated video without proper knowledge, even though if it is the easiest form of video animation like whiteboard video animation, it is not possible being close to creating it on the online whiteboard video maker to without studying the basics.

Creating animation is only restricted to the people with exceptional talents and a brain that is able to capture the inspiration and think above and beyond to create the animated videos. With the upcoming time, and digitalized techniques it has become easier for experts and professional animators to create computer animations with all the animated images that are designed by computer graphics.

History of Video Animation

It is in the knowledge of most of the people that Walt Disney was the first person to introduce the first video animated cartoon, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with proper sound and color, in the year 1937. Whereas, it had not passed through many of the eyes that there was someone before Disney who gave the cartoon movie a shot as well. In 1917, an Italian-Argentine cartoonist Quirino Cristiani invested all his efforts to create the first ever animated feature film, El Apostol, but unfortunately, the cartoonist faced a massive blow in the face when the fire destroyed the producer’s entire film studio and ruined the only copy of the movie.

Now, many people would have realized that the video animation has been a part of the world twenty years before Disney announced his first animated feature film.

Video Animation in Early Years

If we look closely to the history of the video animation, we would be able to realize that the work of animation is not merely been a part of the twentieth century, but it has roots coming all the way up from the mid of nineteenth century. The first ever invention of the video animation that created the concept of the motion video was Phenakistiscope, which was invented in 1832 that created a flowing illusion of movement and motion. It was looked upon as the first form of the moving media, which has inspired the animators of the twenty-first century to create eye-catching GIF animations.

As the technique and invention were adored by everyone, later, some new techniques were applied to the existing device, and furthermore, some more devices were developed in the years ahead. In 1834, Zoetrope was invented that gives the illusion of motion with the sequence of images, displaying different phases of particular motion.

In 1877, Praxinoscope was devised by taking the inspiration from the Zoetrope. It also used a strip of images showing different stages of the motion, but in order to improvise the invention, the narrow viewing slits were replaced with the internal circle of mirrors to get the reflection of the pictures to be observed with a proper view.

In 1886, the flipbook style animation was familiarized with the world, which is still can be seen in the digital format very often.

Where Does Video Animation Stand In Today’s World?

With all the background of the animation, anyone would say that the use of the animated videos was mostly for the entertainment purpose, but if we have a closer look in our present, then it can easily be witnessed by anyone that the usage of animation is not restricted to the entertainment industry only. The animation techniques have surpassed the boundaries and made itself a useful asset in almost every other field of profession.

The use of the animated videos can easily be detected in educational sector, marketing, business, web designing, video making & editing, and in every other place you see. The major cause of using the video animation everywhere is that it is the best weapon to capture the audience’s attention instantly if it is created and scripted properly, which directly results in the gathering more traffic and grasping everyone’s attention in a blink of an eye.

Video Animation in the Forthcoming Time

Everyone is cognizant of the fact that the video animation has crossed the fences of Hollywood and can spot in some other different film industries around the globe. We can predict that the future stores the vision of the animated videos in almost every other film industry around the world.

Also, apart from appearing in the entertainment industry, we can believe that with the swift advancement in this field the presence of the animation will be observed in all those industries that are left behind and sustaining the use of the animated videos.

Since there are is an extreme requirement of video animation is already in most of the sectors of the profession, so many career options have also been opened up for the animators to start their work in, we can say that the study of animation will become mandatory for every field of education.

To Wrap-Up…

Since the video animation is already reaching the heights of victory and success, it is harmless to say with the rapid development and some new techniques we will be able to see some marvelous and mesmerizing features of the video animation in the future. As it has already spread its wings in every industry, it will be detected showing some more colors in the time to come.

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