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Successful Strategies to Improve your Brand’s Local Search Ranking

There’s a question concerning the value of traffic from local search because it’s targeted, direct traffic that not only has a high conversion rate but also provides many local businesses and services the opportunity to leverage brand promotion and customer trust-building. It’s also traffic that Google has narrowed down for you and ranking high in it pretty much guarantees that you will receive a continuous stream of customers in your area. That being said, here are five strategies that can ensure that you would be able to optimize your local search ranking.

Add Your Business into Various Online Listings

Listings that major search engines such as Google and Bing offer provide business owners a golden opportunity to dispense pertinent information about their establishment. Google My Business is but one of the most important business listing platforms that you should use to claim your business online. Getting your site on Google My Business also makes it easier for Google to pinpoint the local searches that your site should appear in, gauging its relevance based on the data you’ve shared. Other platforms you should consider include Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

Encourage Online Reviews

While this aspect should be automatic for most businesses and services that operate well, it’s vital for business owners to ensure that their business is getting enough reviews. Reviews, after all, are one of the top resources that clients go to in order to learn the first-hand experiences of your previous customers. If your site has already been featured on review sites, it’s important for you to claim it as well. These sites vary for every niche but the most popular ones are Zomato (for cafes and restaurants), (for vehicles), and Healthgrades (for health care providers).

Consider Local News Publications as Well

Local news and magazines undoubtedly carry more weight and authority than lesser known online sources. If your California business is featured on the LA Times or The Daily News, it would certainly be fortuitous for your brand awareness efforts in your local area. You should never cross out hyper-local publications from your list too, as being featured in them pretty much verifies to most locals that your establishment is really based in their area

Keep Your Website Optimized

Ensuring that your website’s on-page SEO factors such as page loading speed, mobile responsiveness, navigation, and content relevance, to list a few. Make sure that your content targets the local area that you mean to operate in. This, of course, involves researching keywords that contain local terms. One strategy you can employ for your content creation is to use local lingo in your writing, for instance. Never hesitate to demonstrate your expertise and specialties.

Give Discounts and Other Perks

It certainly won’t take long for other people to start talking about your business online (via review sites, blogs, and social media) if you give your customers something that would instantly perk up their interest. Besides discounts, you can announce that you are offering a service or a product for a limited time only, for example. Exercise your creativity when coming up with fresh ideas.

Keys to Success

As you can see, local SEO is very much different from conventional SEO. In the end, it’s really all about proactively engaging your target audience both online and offline. One can expect nothing less from a business owner who means to make the most of the advantages that local online searches provide. Another step that you should always make a point to do is to always keep yourself in the know of the latest updates and strategies concerning local SEO.


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