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The Best Ways to Download Videos from YouTube

Who could argue that YouTube is not one of the most popular things on the internet?

The number of videos and views is in billions. The website has become a global phenomenon and only a few countries do not allow its inhabitants to access it. Even so, despite the sheer amount of traffic for the platform, it still tends to have a hiccup every now and then.

You never know when a video might disappear, and if it is something that you cherish and would like to continue watching in the future, there is only one way to avoid the problem. That is, of course, by downloading it. But what are the best methods to do that?

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Downloading to PC

It would not be presumptuous to say that PCs are the most popular platform because there is not enough hard drive space on smartphones and tablets. As you can expect, everything is more or less simple with this one. There are two options which are considered to be the best. The first one is finding a downloader, and the second one is using a browser.

  • Downloaders

Quite a few are available, and they do not cost anything. However, the one that you will see recommended the most is 4K Downloader. Like already mentioned, everything is straightforward. Install it, open it, and paste the URL of the video you want to download.

The most important thing will be choosing quality and format. It depends on how much space you have available, and whether you will watch it just on the computer. Perhaps the best course of action would be MP4. It is universal and you will never go wrong with it.

Once the processing is over, there should be a download button. Click on that, and you are done.

  • Browser

The simplest of methods when it comes to downloading videos. It is very similar to the aforementioned 4K method, except you do not need to download software for it. Just Google search “YouTube Download” and you should have plenty of options.

Usually, you will have to copy the URL of the video, paste it, choose format, and click the “download” button. Pretty simple, right?

Downloading for MacBook Users

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As most of the time, the MacBook is a bit different when it comes to such matters. How to download YouTube videos on Mac is definitely one of the questions that a new user will ask. The solution is quite clear. Nevertheless, you will need to get an application.

The most popular ones are “Downie”, “Elmedia Player”, “Folx”, and “AnyTrans”. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. And while some might be a bit more expensive than others, they do not cost a lot.

YouTube Premium

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A lot of people are probably unaware that YouTube has its own premium subscription model. If you become a member, you can enjoy a lot of perks, including one which allows you to watch videos offline.

However, you should note that to enjoy videos in this mode, you will have to download them using the official app beforehand. There should be a gray arrow to download when you are watching a video or alternatively use YouTube download for Mac.

Asking for Help

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When nothing seems to be working, you will have to ask for help. Someone you know should be more than familiar with how the internet works, and downloading a simple video from YouTube will be a piece of cake for him or her.

And even if you do not have anyone like that in your acquaintance circle, asking for a stranger in a public library might not seem like the worst idea ever. Finally, you can always look at more information on the internet if you are still not able to make it work.

To make a conclusion, there are a lot of reasons why someone would enjoy YouTube. And this enjoyment should never be ruined by something that is not in the hands of an average person. That is the reason why downloading exists in the first place. If you want to ensure that your favorite videos are always available, this article definitely has you covered.

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