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Published on April 1st, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Most effective types of video monetization

Advertising has started with banners long ago. It was not all roses, but what was important for marketers that it works. A lot of companies prefer to follow tried and tested way, but the situation is more complicated now as video ads have entered the market.

What is so special about videos?

  • Main advantage is that they are animated. One can show almost one-for-one his product in the video and real life.
  • Video gives more understanding about the product, how it can be used: poured, glued, we can use it for calling and so on.
  • It saves clients’ time: to read something you will need to devote special time for it, while videos can be digested while cooking, doing housework or drinking coffee in the morning.
  • They can be useful and instructive: people are more loyal to the ads, if they have some humour or can hint on something.
  • Video ad monetization platform helps to get more traffic and users –

Types of video ads


They may last up to 30 seconds and are always put before the main video. It is important to leave an opportunity to skip watching it after some time, as otherwise your brand or service may get extra negative attitude to what is given to ads in whole.

It is not a secret that people may switch to another tab while and ad is playing. Some advertisers have decided to add a script that will pause the video until coming back. Technically it is an interesting solution, but on practice the idea is a bit doubtful.


This type of ads is not very popular caused by too much disapproval from user’s side. People were concentrated on consuming certain content and then were suddenly interrupted – fair to middling idea. Service Hulu still uses it, but tried to soften the matter: the ads there appear in the same style like on TV.


People are more loyal to this type of ads as they have received what they wanted and feel calm about the ads. However, advertisers don’t hold it in high regards: who wants to see an ad after finishing watching the content you were interested in?

Display ads

One may get surprised, but displays can be applied on video content a person is watching without special disturbance. Here it is possible to kill two birds with one stone: a user is calm as nothing distracts him from his activity and the ad can exist during all time of the material.

Ways of monetizing

The same as with traditional ads, there are 2 variants:

  1. to sell places and search buyers by yourself;
  2. to join ad network.

In the first case you will spend a lot of time to find suitable advertisers, but your reward will be much more higher.

Second idea will save your efforts, but will take some money for assistance and the revenue will be also shared with network as well. As a compensation, you will get a panel where you will track your success in real time mode and make any enhancements immediately.

As a variant, you can combine both variants and see what is more preferable exactly for you.

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