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When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

Moving can be a tedious and energy draining affair both during the pre-relocation and post-relocation periods. It is possible therefore for so many things to go wrong during this period especially when proper prior planning is lacking.

One of the things that go unnoticed most of the times is a change of address. To fully settle it, you need to get all your mail and subscriptions like newspapers and magazines. A change of address is therefore very necessary when your move.

When Should You Change The Address?

Most people change their address after they move. After you change the address, all your mail, including certified mail usps, is then forwarded to your new address automatically by the USPS. However, you may also change your address during the pre-relocation period maybe a week or two before you move.

This ensures that by the time you get to your new home all your mail will have been forwarded to the new address. Doing this takes away the hassle of having to change your address with all the fatigue associated with moving. It also makes it easy for you to quickly settle in your new home.

How To Change Your Address

Most people are not aware of how to carry out the USPS modify address process. If you are looking to change your address, there are several ways in which you can achieve that.

  1. You can present yourself personally at your local post office and have the address changed
  2. You may also do it online through the official USPS website.
  3. You can have work done for you by a third party website, so you don’t go through the hassle of changing the address.
  4. You can call USPS or send them a mail requesting that they change your address.

A verification of your identity will be required to ascertain that you are the legitimate owner of the address before the change can be effected. Presenting yourself at the post office, however, waives the fees charged for verification because they can personally verify that it’s you.

Tips For Successful And Stress-Free Change Of Address When You Move

Verify Your Address: it might seem quite obvious, but with all the fatigue and everything going on before or after you move, it is possible to make a mistake. Double check the address given, including the postal codes and zip codes.

Know what Kind Of Address You Need: you can either choose to have a permanent or temporary address. For the permanent change of address, you get a permanent address where your mails are will be delivered. You can also opt for the temporary address.

For this address, your mail is forwarded to the new address for a duration ranging from 15 days to 6 months. After the six months are over you can extend the duration for another six months. This kind of address is good for this person that is always on the move.

Include Everyone You Are Moving With: if there are different people in your house that receive mail in their name, ensure that the change of address covers the whole family not just your name. If the others are not mentioned, then their mail will not be forwarded to the new address.

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