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Mobility Scooters 2.0 [Infographic]

Disability is no longer a barrier it used to be centuries back. Yes, it does affect and limit the mobility and usual functions of a disabled person and the people around but with evolved times and technology, the life is no longer erratic and motionless.

Research studies show 11.9 Million people in the UK are disabled. Disability condition could be pre-natal, after birth, during adolescence years or a person’s mobility could be hampered with old age. But the good thing is, this condition is no longer considered a misfortune. Mindsets have changed, and the people are readily accepting the overcoming ways. Mobility Scooters have brought a positive zest in the life of disabled. Many people have already made these mobility scooters a part of their life and have been able to embark on long journeys than ever without being dependent on others. It has helped them to be self-reliant.

The boom in the mobility scooters business is life changing experience altogether. World’s biggest vehicle companies have also kicked off the work of upgrading and improvising the mobility scooters to safeguard the life of disabled people.

Here is an infographic by Easy Pay Mobility, giving a peek into the Future of Mobility Scooters. You will be amazed to see the variety of technology-driven mobility scooters.

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