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The Expertise of Graphic Designers Can Help to Achieve Brand Power

Branding has now taken the online route as the internet provides maximum visibility that is so essential for building brands. For building a brand, the fundamental requirement is to give the brand identity in the form of logos or some graphical design that digitally expresses the inner quality and purpose of the brand. Logos or brand images help in easy recognition of the company that is behind the brand, and this helps in establishing the close association between the company and the brand as well. Graphic designers play a critical role in the brand building because they provide the most outstanding visuals for the brand identity that connects consumers with the products or services that the brand has to offer.

Instant recognition

The most crucial aspect of branding is to create a unique vision for the brand so that consumers can recognize it immediately and relate it to the products and services. Viewers have very little patience, and you get just a few seconds to connect with them by using suitable logos and other graphics visuals that convey critical information related to the brand. Logos of companies often become its brand that carries much information about the company and tells many things about the products and services covered by it. By viewing a logo, consumers can relate to various products and services covered by it as well as develop an indirect connection with the company. Logos help to connect with viewers and consumers instantly that leaves a lasting impression.

Colors, shapes, and lines tell a lot

Logos create a distinct identity for the brand and help it to acquire the value that speaks about its inherent quality and worth. Colors and shapes help to uphold the company’s profile in sync with its philosophy and the lines and patterns that constitute the logo helps to communicate a wealth of information about the company. The use of colors in varied tones generates the right emotions that help viewers to establish a closer connection with the logo and the organization that upholds the brand. Graphic designers know the best ways of using colors, shapes, and lines to create designs that have a high impact on the minds of viewers.

The basics of logo design

Considering that the logo is one of the essential elements of the branding process, you must pay attention to creating the most appropriate logo. The way you want to represent the brand determines the broader aspects of logo design that you can explain to the graphic designer who helps to recreate your idea. You should also consider the message that you want to convey through the logo. On understanding the way you want to represent the brand and the kind of competition that exists in the business niche, the graphic designer would come up with some design ideas that could broadly belong to four categories – typographic logo, icon, combination logo and letter mark logo. By understanding the competition and the digital marketing office locations, it might be possible to discover some branding convention followed in the particular segment that could provide valuable leads in designing.

Typographic logo

As you can make out from the name, the typographic logo makes use of letters and words for creating an artistic expression that represents that brand and or company.  The typefaces become the basic design elements that the graphic designer uses in creative ways to form a design that conveys some message. It is not just ordinarily creating words with letters but instead creating an artistic design that becomes a symbol for the brand. The logo blends form and function and uses various typefaces that help to express the underlying message.

Icon logos

The Apple, Nike and Twitter logos are typical examples of using icons to create logos. The moment you view the logo it creates an immediate connection to the company and the products related to it. The icon created for the company becomes its brand that covers various products and services under it. The motivation of creating icon logos derives from the fact that images transmit much faster to the brain than written words. Moreover, pictures transcend the language barriers.

Combination logo

When a brand uses both typography and icon to represent it, we get a combination logo like the NBC or Amazon. The designs are so unique that even if you remove any one of the distinct elements of the design, viewers would still be able to connect to the brand.

Lettermark logos

In this type of logo, only letters create the design without using any other graphic design elements. The letter marks itself become the design like what you see with Google and IBM. The name of the company becomes the brand in these logos.

The above ideas would provide the primary direction in designing logos that you can develop further by adding your creativity to it.


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Rex Sanders is a graphic designer who has worked in various digital marketing office locations. He has also worked closely for projects related to website design and development. Rex is an avid reader and fond of thrillers and books of adventure.

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