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Top 5 IP Cameras You Should Keep Your Eyes Open for 2018

2017 was a good year for consumer technology. Smartphones and Smartwatches grew drastically in popularity among consumers. So did another device, the WiFi IP camera, the new cameras of choice within the world of home surveillance. Here, I will take a closer look at some new and upcoming WiFi IP cameras that will push the boundaries of not just home surveillance, but of technology as well. The competition is very strong here and any one of the cameras below can be a contender for best wireless IP camera in the market.

Nest Hello

Nest recently unveiled the latest product that they have been working on. It’s the Hello doorbell camera, a smart IP camera/doorbell combo. The camera features some serious facial recognition software that will be able to recognize someone by face once they are at your door. The Nest Hello’s solid features and performance make this a far from the gimmicky device.

The unit comes with an LED ringer which will provide some illumination around the front door. Its camera will capture images in HDR quality with its 160-degree view lens. Another convenient feature is 2-way communication which is made possible with a built-in microphone and speaker. You can also program default messages in times when you are not available.

There are currently a few smart doorbells available. But most of these versions don’t feature the same quality facial recognition software as Nest products. The Nest Hello doorbell will be able to recognize the faces of specific people around your house. However, this feature, along with 27/7 video recording is only available via a monthly subscription to the Nest Aware service.

Netatmo Presence

This expensive outdoor security IP camera acts as a security light as well. The light will switch on if it detects motion. And not just any type of motion. The Netatmo Presence has the ability to distinguish between vehicles, people, and animals. It is possible for you to set the camera to only send you an alert when a person walks towards your house. It will then choose to not worry about any pets that so happen to walk around the house.

Because of this great innovative feature, it is possible to link your camera to other services such as IFTTT and make use of this cool feature. An example would be to set up a recipe where the Netatmo Presence triggers the garage to open once it detects a car entering the driveway.

The Netatmo Presence will record in Full HD, 24 hours of the day. The best part is that it has expandable storage via an SD card which makes it totally free to record and save the video. It is possible to link the camera to a service like Dropbox if you wish to view your feed immediately and remotely. However, the two main drawbacks of this device are its very high price and design. It has a sleek modern design which most people will take to liking. But the design may not be a great fit for most homes.

Netgear Arlo Q

Netgear’s Indoor security IP camera, the Arlo Q, is a small, good-looking, and solid camera that comes with a sleek, well-designed app. The Arlo Q has a much better ergonomic design as opposed to the standard Arlo design and also records in 1080p Full HD instead of 720p. The slim and compact design allows you to position the camera almost anywhere. You will also be able to adjust and tilt the camera after you have installed it.

Netgear’s Arlo Q is a very up to date IP camera. It’s not just the array of hardware features that make the Arlo Q an all-rounder. It’s also the software side of things which is well executed with a beautiful and easy to use mobile app. You will be able to view a live feed from the camera via your smartphone. You can also take pictures as well as record footage manually within the app.

The Arlo Q can detect motion within its space and will record a video once it does. The most impressive part about this is that you can view this footage for a max of 7 days. So that’s 7 days of free cloud storage, a feature which most companies make you pay for.

Canary All in One Camera System

This device will deliver home surveillance to your smartphone via Canary’s sleek app, an app that is rather easy to set up. It also has sensors that will be able to monitor the humidity as well as temperature in the room. This feature will alert you if there is any drastic drop or increase in temperature. The Canary app also shows you the fluctuations in humidity and temperature with the use of graphs and charts.

The Canary All in One camera also has a nasty loud alarm that can trigger once it notices a burglar in your home. There are actually multiple real-life videos out there with footage of burglars being caught in the act. The most common action in all these videos is these burglars evading due to the sound of cameras alarm. The camera now features support for Google Assistant.

The camera monitors your house in three different modes, Home, Away, and Night modes. Home features video recording which can be stored in the cloud. You can change this to private which will, in turn, keep the video feed running only on your phone. In the Away mode, the camera will send you short clips of any sort of motion it detects. Canary also features a weatherproof variant named the Canary Flex.

Google Clips Camera

The Google Clips camera is not a conventional IP camera, yet I have it here in this list because of its surveillance possibilities and it also does share some similarities with modern WiFi IP cameras. Clips monitor your surroundings and create “motion photos”, a new picture format similar to that of Apples Live Photo.

Its design is a flat, two inches square camera with its lens slightly sticking out. It’s a cute design and a very ergonomic one too. It easily fits in your pocket and also has a cool clip which you can use to clip to yourself or on to objects. This gives the Clips camera its spy/surveillance capabilities. The ability to carry a camera around and place it in an area for all-day surveillance is both very creepy and innovative.


2017 was a great year for WiFi IP security cameras. We saw consistent development and upgrades from already well established devices. Concept WiFi IP cameras have also received a warm welcome from consumers. With the innovative designs and features that come packed in these cameras always on the rise, we can expect 2018 to be a very interesting year for home surveillance systems.

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