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The Drone that Hunts Other Drones

Identities such as the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and NASA are increasingly worried about the on-growing drone trend. There are 2.5 million consumer drones in America alone, with this number expected to rise to 7 million in 3 years. Drone-related accidents have become more common as the world still tries to figure out the safest way to deal with this brand-new technology.

DroneHunter by Fortem Technologies

Trying to solve this issue, a US based start-up called Fortem Technologies has developed a possible solution. Basically, what this company has done is build a drone-hunting drone. Named, DroneHunter, as the name suggests, is a large octocopter (eight motors and arms). which catches other drones with a net and takes them down. DroneHunter is adapted from an industrial drone manufactured by DJI, the Spreading Wings S1000+. The drone is a fully autonomous defense system. It uses radar to find the target-drone, within a 6.5km radius, and safely pull it down.

The aim is to keep airports, stadiums, prisons and other sensitive areas, safe from rogue ones which could interfere and call into question everyone’s safety. It could also be used to protect private homes and gardens, pulling down trespassers. No harm is done to the aircraft. It prevents the ‘malicious’ (or not) drone to be dealt with, without shooting it down. The drone is equipped with Forthem’s designed radar units and net-shooting cannons.

DroneHunter capturing DJI Phantom 4
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DroneHunter is not only being used to taken down consumer drones, in fact, the product is now used exclusively by the U.S. military and its partners to capture weaponized consumer drones in terrorist hostile areas as reported by CNBC.

Fortem Tech has already gathered around $5.5 million in funding and promises to keep developing and improving its product. The aim is to become the primary defense system for small scale drones.

What is Your Opinion?

The market for drone defense systems is quickly gaining new ventures and enthusiasts. But what do you think about this solution? Is it the proper way to keep the skies safe from malicious drone users? Let us know in the comment section below, we at TechnoFaq always look forward to read from you!

Video on Fortem official page:

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