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OxyLED Solar Torch Light with Realistic Dancing Flames Review: A Novel Addition for Your Home or Garden


Home and garden lighting decorations have always been hipster and elegant, but they come at the cost of additional wiring, cable management and the risk of electrocution or electrical fires. However, with the arrival of solar powered lighting, this risk is no longer present. Moreover, not using the electrical power supply also result in a lot of savings for the electricity bill at the end of the month.

Today, I have with me a new and novel pair of solar powered decoration lights, which I want to write about today. I have never seen anything like these before and I hope you will also be pleasantly surprised to find them.

I am talking about OxyLED Solar Torch Light with Realistic Dancing Flames manufactured and sold by Thousandshores Inc. We heartily thank them for sending us a pair for reviewing.

So what exactly do these lights do? Let’s find out.

What is it?

The OxyLED Solar Torch Light with Realistic Dancing Flames is a solar powered torch that emulates the look of a fire brand, without the hassle of burning fuel or connecting to an electrical power socket. It is a great decorative item for the home or garden, giving it the dungeon or bonfire feel respectively. The Amazon product page states the following:

  • Solar Powered Light: Battery change and cable free. During daytime the solar panel absorbs the sunlight and converts solar energy into electricity. The solar torch light turns on automatically at dusk
  • Vivid Flickering Flame: Formed by 96 LED lamp beads, the light flickers like an extremely vivid dancing flame, provides a perfect campfire ambience for every garden party, BBQ session, or camping weekend
  • Long Working Time: The built-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries have a capacity of 2200mAh. They need to charge for 5-8 hours, but can work for 8-10 hours after fully charged
  • IP65 Water-proof: The solar panel and the lampshade both are high level of waterproof IP65. They withstand rain, hail, and snow, work properly and normally without issue
  • One-Step Setup: Simply place the torch in your lawn, garden, a flower pot or a parasol base, and your outdoor bonfire is ready

All right! Now that you know what I’m talking about, let move on to the unboxing.


The OxyLED Solar Torch Light with Realistic Dancing Flames come in a simple brown box, with the OxyLED branding and SKU number labels on the top of it.

Opening the box, we see the two lights covered in bubble wrap.

Putting out the two lights, we see that there are two pipe extenders, two plastic spikes, a user manual and a warranty card.

Here is a picture of all the items unpacked from the box.

Here is a view of a single light, extender pipe and plastic spike.

Here is a close-up of the user manual and warranty card.

Here is a close-up of the light on one side. The dot close to the fingers is the on/off switch.

Here’s a top view of the light showing the solar panel.

Now that we have unboxed the lights, lets move on to using it.

Usage and experience

At the first sight, tbe light looks absolutely beautiful. It has both an old world as well as a modern feel to it, like medieval Constantinople meeting today’s Tokyo. At the first touch, it feels very premium, despite being made of plastic. The build quality is also great. The quality of plastic is remarkable, as it is very tough and can withstand heat, cold, dust, rain, hailstorm and impact without becoming sloppy or brittle. It also did not get anything apart from a tiny scratch when it accidently fell off my hand to the ground. I can say that I can put my faith in the IP65 rating of the casing.

The power on/off switch was too tight for my liking. It takes a lot of pressure to power them on. But once lit, I was awestruck at the lighting. The “flames” on the torch look very realistic. In fact, this torch is something that ever came close to an actual firebrand. Here’s a picture of the light in powered on state. It looks great in the photograph, but is actually a lot better when you see it in real life.

Once you connect the extender pipe to the light and the spike to the extender, you finally get what looks like in the below picture.

Before actually using the light, you need to charge it for 6 hours in the sunlight to load power into its 2200 mAh battery. When I plant the lights in the power-on state in my garden in the presence of day light, the lights turn off automatically and start charging.

Before dusk, I move the lights to the gates of my compound, waiting for it to get dark.

When it becomes sufficiently dark, the lights turn on automatically, giving a rustic look to my gate in the evening. The battery lasts from 10 to 12 hours if it has been charged for an entire day.

At dawn, the lights automatically switch off and resume charging to again store energy to light up the following evening. It is a plant-and-forget experience. You do not need to deal with providing a power source to the lights, nor go out of the house to turn them on and off. Its an extremely cheap and convenient solution for decorative lighting for the home and garden. Moreoever, the sturdy build quality ensures that the lights survive any poor weather conditions like rain, snow and hailstorms.

So far, I was amazed by the pair of solar-powered lights and to the extent LED lighting has made our lives easier.



  • Great build quality
  • Beautiful design
  • Long battery life of 12 hours
  • Extremely realistic flame animations
  • Can turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn respectively, saving the hassle of manually powering them on and off


  • Power button is hard to press

Getting for yourself

The OxyLED Solar Torch Light with Realistic Dancing Flames is sold in a pair and can be purchased off for a reasonable price of $29.99. Click here to order them.


I found the OxyLED Solar Torch Light with Realistic Dancing Flames a flagship decorative lighting product. It is not only adds beauty to the place you install it in but also without the hassle of managing it. Also, the product quality has far exceeded my expectations, both in build quality and flame animations. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone willing to improve their home or green spaces.

Rating: 9.9/10

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