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Sticker Market Emoji Keyboard: There is No Reason Why You Shouldn’t Have It!

You spend a lot of time chatting with friends and family over WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or any of the messaging apps which are widely popular today. Whether it’s on an Apple device, an Android phone or your computer, there is a limitation on the types of emojis you can use.

Although Apple and Google update the list of emojis once in a year or more, it just doesn’t seem enough. Things can start getting boring when you have to use the same emojis time and again.

But if you can create your own face emojis, access millions of GIFs, and hundreds of stickers, your conversations will become really more interesting. This is what Sticker Market can do for you.

You can use your phone’s camera to capture your face and create custom emojis using endless selection of features like masquerades, hats, eyewear, hair and much more.

Then you can choose from hundreds of stickers and an endless collection of static and dynamic GIFs.

So what all you can do with Sticker Market?

Use it with any Messenger

Do you use WhatsApp? You may be using WeChat or Snapchat. You may like to use Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends and family.

Whatever the messaging app you use, Sticker Market is compatible with all the commonly used messaging platforms.

And if you want to use this emoji keyboard when browsing the web on your desktop or laptop, you can install its Chrome extension. So you can access the GIFs, stickers and create face emojis even when commenting in social media accounts or sending emails.

A Unique GIF Keyboard

Imagine having a keyboard on your Android/iOS device that lets you search and insert any GIF when sending messages. Whether its movies, TV shows, cartoons or anything else, you can choose any GIF based on the emotions and the message you want to send across.

Why spend all the time searching online when you can have the perfect GIFs at a tap?

Never let your friends feel boring when they are chatting with you!

Custom Face Emoji Templates

You can also use Sticker Market to create custom face emoji templates. Create something funny by taking photos of your face and swapping your eyes or lips with creative templates available in the keyboard.

Put on a hat or those really spooky ears. Create anything using hundreds of masks offered by the keyboard and share with friends.

And all these creations will be saved on the cloud. So don’t worry about losing them. You could access them again or keep creating new face emojis to impress your friends.

Hundreds of Stickers

Then you will find almost an endless selection of stickers in this emoji keyboard. Always send something new and exciting to your friends.

And keep them guessing where you are getting all the new and innovative stickers from.

Use with Chrome

Sticker Market is not just an emoji keyboard app limited to iOS or Android devices. You can use it even with your computer if you are using Chrome.

Just install the Chrome extension and the keyboard can be accessed when you are browsing the web. Whether you want to access the stickers, GIFs and face masks when using social media sites or your webmail, all the emojis can be accessed with ease.

Thus, there is so much about this simple emoji keyboard. It goes beyond the scope of being a mobile application and can also be used with Chrome.


Sticker Market is an emoji keyboard that can be installed on your iOS or Android smartphones or tablets. It can also be installed as a Chrome extension. What makes it special is its vast selection of stickers, GIFs and the ability to create your own custom face emojis by capturing anyone’s face using your phone’s cam.

It is all about fun and making your conversations more thrilling while preventing you from having to use the same limited emojis in your phone, time and again. It can be set as your default keyboard with all your messaging apps, allowing you to access its vast selection of stickers and the newly updated ones with ease. With hundreds of free stickers, GIFs and face emojis on access, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using Sticker Market. The emoji keyboard can be easily installed from its official Website or from the App Store or Play store.

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