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The technology behind your favourite online casinos

In recent years the surge in digital technology has increased at a stratospheric rate. From everyone owning a smartphone, to the increase in popularity of tablets and other portable, internet ready devices, the shift is well and truly going away from traditional bricks and mortar casinos and is moving to a fully online concept. With estimates showing that come the end of 2017, the online gambling industry will be worth an impressive $100 billion and will have over 164 regular users. So how is technology adapting to this? Key features that people are looking for when they decide to log on and use an online casino include convenience, a good UX experience, integration, and ease of use.

Popular online casinos such as are at the forefront of this revolution and provide clients with top end playing experiences, designed to fit around people’s busy lifestyles.

Let us read on to find out how online casinos like the above-mentioned, and others are upping their technology game to meet the demand.

Coding and Software

You might not put much thought into the software that goes into creating your favourite poker game, but there is a whole lot of magic that goes on behind the scenes from the coding in mainly C++. To find out more about this language, you can check out the definition here. These digital languages are as complex as the games that they create and they are responsible for the workings of the game, how graphics are displayed, and when sound effects are played.


When it comes to creating how the game looks, there are lots of programmes and methods that are utilised to assist. Your average online casino will use programmes such as Maya, Photoshop, and ZBrush to create the onscreen affects you see and enjoy. A combination of these tools and the end products they create are what creates the visual foundation of the game that you use.

Data Resources

Creating and running an online casino requires huge amounts of data that need to be stored somewhere safe and secure where they can be accessed easily. According to the types of data include client information and data used in the process of game development. Examples that are used by the iGaming industry include mega hard-drives and servers. Data centres are becoming increasingly popular and these are large servers that are often run by third party providers and companies pay a fee to use their secure storage facilities to keep their data off site.

These are just a few of the technological components that are used by online casinos to create the end product that you love. Of course, there is way more to it than just this but this should give you a small glimpse into the complex world of iGaming and technology.

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