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The Impact of Technology on Online Gambling

Many years ago, life was not as it is today. Advances in technology have brought about many changes that make life easier, and it is even more likely that things will become much easier in the future. Technology has revolutionized many sectors and different aspects of life and businesses, and the online gambling industry is one of them.

A few years ago, gambling enthusiasts had to visit their favorite brick and mortar casino, sportsbook, race track, and others, before they could engage in their favorite gambling activities. Now, with just a few clicks on a desktop or mobile device, players can easily access and play their favorite games online at casinos, like vulkan vegas. Aside from bringing the platforms online, many evolutions and improvements in technology have taken place, and it is astounding to think of how far things have come, and how far they can still go from this point.

How Has Technology Improved Online Gambling

There are many ways by which advances in technology have helped to improve the online gambling industry and highlighted below are a few of them.

Improved Security

One of the dangers faced by many online gambling enthusiasts is the risk of having their private and financial information being obtained through cyber attacks. This is why security is a paramount thing for online gambling sites. They need to ensure that the information of their customers is managed and protected accordingly. To this end, many technological innovations and software have been created and implemented to ensure the safety of players when they play their favorite games online.

Improved Features

With rapid advances in technology, more amazing and innovative features come that make online gambling more interesting and exciting for players. For example, online casinos have many different casino games with different features that keep players playing for long gaming sessions. Some examples of how technology has helped improve the online slot games include:

  • More advanced themes, graphics, and animation;
  • Creation of 3D slots;
  • Creation of slots with more paylines and the “ways to win” systems;
  • Availability of many bonus features;
  • Better jackpots.

Better Customer Support

One of the advantages that the brick-and-mortar casino platforms used to have over their online counterparts is that they have good customer service. Their staff is approachable and accessible. In the past, getting in touch with the customer support service of a gambling site was a difficult process, but now, technological advancement has made the interaction between players and support teams much easier. It is now possible to easily contact the customer support teams 24/7 across various platforms and get a quick and helpful response.

Faster Deposits and Withdrawals

Needless to say, online gambling works with money. Punters play their favorite games by staking money with the hope of winning more money. So, players have to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their online casino accounts. The early gambling sites were very primitive when compared to today’s standards. Thanks to technological advancements, better software and advanced techniques for making faster deposits and withdrawals are now in play.

New Technology in the Industry

Online gambling is always changing with innovative technology solutions, and as technological developments advance, newer trends of technology for the industry crop up now and then. Let’s take a look at some of the latest ones that seem to be taking hold in the industry, as well as anticipated ones for the future.

Mobile Gaming

A few decades ago, if you want to engage in any gambling activities online, you need to have a desktop PC because the gambling sites were only compatible with desktop PCs. However, things are different now. Due to the rapid advancement of mobile developments gambling sites are now accessible through mobile devices, and now, gambling enthusiasts can pretty much do and access most of what desktop versions offer. Furthermore, many casino games are now optimized for mobile play and players can easily play their favorite games, anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology, the experience is seamless.

Free Demo Games

One trend found to be readily accepted in the online casino gambling scene is the wide range of availability of the demo version of casino games. Online casinos now offer free-play versions of many of their titles for players to try out before they start playing for real money. The table below shows a comparison of the real money versions and demo play versions offered by online casinos.

Demo Play VersionReal Money Version
Does not require any registration, as games can be easily played directly on online casinosRequires players to register an online casino account before engaging in real money games
Played with virtual credits provided by the casinoPlayed with real money deposited by the player
Players can win or lose virtual credits while they playPlayers can win or lose real money while they play
Players cannot withdraw any winnings obtained while playingPlayers can withdraw any winnings obtained from playing casino games
Perfect for players new to a particular gamePerfect for players familiar with the game rules and features, who would like to test their luck and strategy

Live Casinos

One of the downsides that the online casino industry used to face is that the platforms don’t provide the feeling that many gambling enthusiasts get when they play at brick-and-mortar casinos. The Live Casino was created to mitigate that by providing players with the opportunity of receiving an authentic experience by playing live casino games in real-time with live dealers. This cutting-edge technology is fast-paced and gives players the much-desired feeling of a real-life playing experience.

Virtual Reality Technology

Many years ago, the prospect of virtual reality games used to be a thing of fantasy. However, the introduction of the Oculus Rift in 2010 brought about a big change to this idea. Virtual reality games are now in high demand in the global market. This has also found its way into the online gambling industry, especially, the online casinos, and players will soon be able to fully enjoy their favorite games like poker, blackjack, slot, and feel like they are playing in the actual real-world casino.

Naturally, VR is expected to have a major impact on the online gambling industry and is anticipated to ultimately replace the traditional online casino games, providing players with hyper-realistic graphics.

Artificial Intelligence

Another latest trend in technological innovations that have been growing at a very fast pace in recent years is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Like VR technology, AI technology also has great potential in the online gambling industry.

There is no question about the fact that the reason why the online gambling industry has been dominating the gambling market is due to the cutting-edge technologies that keep propelling it forward. With the future promising more innovative cutting-edge technologies, there is no doubt that the future of online gambling is bright and booming.

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