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5 Tips to Improve Communication on Teams

Communication between teams is a problem for some businesses, especially for businesses depending on telecommuting, where some not all the teams are within the same physical location. This leads to a multiplication of tools and strategies, which only adds to the confusion and the problems.

Difficulty of communication between project managers and other employees is also quite common. It is actually believed that a large number of documents sent by managers are not even read. If you have this difficulty in your company, then this post is for you.

1. Use collaborative tools

This type of tool is very useful because they concentrate, all in one place, the information for a given project, making it easy to reach, organize and read. All the interested parties can view the information panel of the data presented in a way tailored for easy understanding.

One of these tools is Wiredrive, a powerful collaboration platform that offers swift delivery, reliable review, immediate feedback, and complete control. With it users can upload and organize media, protect sensitive assets, share with clients and colleagues, and receive instant notifications about views, comments and approvals.

2. Create a communication schedule

Employees and other interested parties may be confused if they receive information very often. To solve this issue, set dates to when new information should be disclosed. Let go of the confusion in a simple way, so everyone can seek information on the correct dates.

3. Use videos

Quite often, words are not enough. If your company wants to build a new office or other physical space, use videos to show the team how the construction is progressing. This can serve for any other ongoing project and requires some attention. Thus, team members will be much more curious about it and will be more willing to talk about the project.

4. Explain all

Sometimes the team loses interest in a project simply by not knowing what it really is. In a company, or in a business, it is important to explain more specifically a particular function or task. Remember that the information should be presented in such a way that even people not involved understand the project and its specificities.

5. Meetings

In order to chat with members of your team, there is nothing better than scheduling weekly or monthly meetings to discuss the main points of a project. With this, you have a specific time to update and, above all, build tactics to improve communication between you and the team. In addition, it is important to highlight the important dates and events of the project so that, as the they arrive, organization and communication can be done in a more easy and practical way.

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